Keeper of the Seven Keys - Part I

Band's List Melodic Power Helloween Keeper of the Seven Keys - Part I
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Band Name Helloween
Album Name Keeper of the Seven Keys - Part I
Type Album
Released date 23 May 1987
Recorded at Horus Sound Studio
Music StyleMelodic Power
Members owning this album924


 I'm Alive
 A Little Time
 Twilight of the Gods
 A Tale That Wasn't Right
 Future World
 Follow the Sign

 Victim of Fate (B-Side) (Re-Issue 2006)
 Starlight (Remix) (Re-Issue 2006)
 A Little Time (Alternative Version) (Re-Issue 2006)
 Halloween (Video Edit) (Re-Issue 2006)

Total playing time: 56:27

Review @ Kerbinator

15 July 2009
In 1987 Helloween released their second album. The main difference to their first output Walls of Jericho lies in the change of the vocalist. Instead of Kai Hansen, who did vocals and guitars on the first album, Michael Kiske filled in this part of the band.
The Album starts with a short Intro called Initiation. This intro sounds a little like the one on Walls of Jericho with fanfares and mystic touch. The intro leads to the track I' alive. A fast song....yeah in that time Helloween were counted under the category speed metal....with cool and a bit weird refrain. Kiskes first entrance in Helloween can be called brilliant. Great vocalist. Same in the following song A little time. Cool here is the break with the clockworks...funny and pumpkin style. Grosskopf and Weikath do great duels on their axes. More epic and not as happy as the song before is the following Twilight of the gods. This song shows how many different sites in their sound Helloween had in this album. From slower parts to fast speed metal themes and back. From happy and funny to epic and dark. As before brilliant vocal and guitar work in an epic form. The album slows down then with the fantastic ballad A Tale That Wasn't Right. Only soft solo guitar and vocals from the heart in the beginning the song rises to a megaballad with choirs in the refrain in the end. Not a cheesy ballad like many US bands did. More a sad song with tragic lyrics and definetely not written for the ladies.  Following is the biggest Helloween hit ever Future World. Part of every live show til today. Straight forward, speedy song with a killer refrain and vocals from Kiske at its best. Funny are the pumpin laughs in the midpart of the song. Perfect guitar leads with fantastic hooklines. A true classic of Helloween. Helloween is the longest track on this firt Keeper of the Seven Keys part. More than 10 minutes showing all the facettes the sound of Helloween has to deserve. Slow parts change to fast parts. Dark vocals change to high sreams and shouts. Well played and definetely not boring cause of the length. Exciting song which you can ever found out more details in it.
Follow the Sign ends this album. An instrumental....the hairs on your skin will rise. Really a song to lean back, close the eyes and enjoy the vibes. This instrumental offers again what fantastic sound the whole album has.

Meanwhile there are 3 parts of the Keeper theme. This first part is the best for me and a really legendary Helloween album with their new vocalist Kiske, who brought a totally different element in the sound of the band. A trademark for sure that continued through the next 3 albums.

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