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Band Name Molotov Solution
Album Name Insurrection
Type Album
Released date 25 October 2011
Produced by Will Putney
Recorded at Machine Shop
Music StyleDeathcore
Members owning this album50


 Sin and Sacrifice
 Injustice for All
 The Final Hour (ft. Adam Warren of Oceano)
 The Blood of Tyrants
 Divide & Conquer
 Cruor Viaticus
 Prophetic Illusions

 Infernal Machine

Total playing time: 44:47

Comment @ Metalhead108

08 December 2012

Molotov Solution goes out with a bang!

Molotov Solution is a Deathcore band hailing from Las Vegas that has a tendency to have brutal breakdowns and government bashing lyrics that is far from ordinary. Molotov Solution's Insurrection is an album, much like The Harbinger, that is based upon the corrupt government and a government that is destroying the country that they run. Though their motivation behind these past two albums have been great, their lead singer, Nick Arthur, has announced that the band will be spliting up momentarily but he did mention that this is not the end of Molotov Solution.

Now to the album! First of all, the drummer is very technical with his playing. He tends to be somewhat repetative and uses the same techniques over and over again. He is very good with the kick drums however! Throughout the album there are a couple of somewhat complex breakdowns that he unleashes his full power on and keeps up with the rest of the musicians.

The guitar players are great players, but uses techniques and riffs that are somewhat generic and expected from any deathcore band. However, they have moments where they shine and they show the listeners a great deal of musicianship! Riffs that sound creepy and mysterious is a little effect used throughout all of Molotov Solution's music that gives their sound a very scary tone. On some songs they do use somewhat melodic riffs and in the song The Blood of Tyrants, there is a very groovy riff that resembles bands like Born of Osiris.

I would write a paragraph of how awesome and talented the bass player is because im sure that is a fact, but i can barely hear him!I can feel the bass guitar but it seems that it is covered by everything else going on OR the bass parts are just to go under EVERYTHING. Im sure he is a great bass player but i just cant hear him and that is a attribute of this album that is very unfortunate

Overall if you like a somewhat generic deathcore band that has potential and that HATES the government? Then this band is your sacred shrine! Although this review seems somewhat negative, this band, in my eyes, is a great band that needs to reach the ears of Deathcore lovers everywhere and we need to start a petition to get them back together!

This album gets a solid 14/20

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