Insanity Origins

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Band Name Parasyche
Album Name Insanity Origins
Type Album
Released date 27 February 2017
Music StyleTechnical Thrash
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 Box of Hate
 The Treason
 Land of Lies
 Stolen Liberty
 The Wolf Inside

Total playing time: 01:00:44

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Comment @ MetalSon

20 July 2017

New, Fresh & Amazing!

I've actually lost my hopes, that there will be some really good new band. Yes, there are some good new bands, but I don't like them very much. But band Parasyche is something really good. Why? Well it's technical thrash metal with some old school elements, but it still sounds pretty new. The sound of this album is absolutely TOP.
First we have Box of Hate, which I think is most old school song from the record. It's perfect song to start this record, but it's still one of weaker songs from Insanity Origins.
Then we have Vesania (in spanish), then I started realising, that there is some Exodus... or Megadeth... or Metallica? You can recognize some elements from other thrash metal bands and that is good, because despite all these old school elements, it still sounds fresh, original and new.
Then we have Detonation, The Treason (with amazing intro), Land of Lies (for me weakest, but still pretty good song from the record), Stolen Liberty (my third most favorite), Arise.
But then we have something really special: Cachafaz. This song has amazing intro, riffs, middle part and awesome ending. But even after all these amazing features, it's not best track (at least for me) and maybe it's because I think this song would sounds much better as instrumental.
Then we have Need and then last track: The Wolf Inside. That is actually my most favorite song. I can feel how my skin is trembling from this. I don't have words for this.

Well, whole album is good, but there are some better songs and I am happy, that I found this band. Can't wait for something else from this band. #ParasycheRules

(sorry for my english)

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