Hostile Ambient Takeover

Band's List Sludge Metal The Melvins Hostile Ambient Takeover
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Band Name The Melvins
Album Name Hostile Ambient Takeover
Type Album
Released date 2002
Music StyleSludge Metal
Members owning this album6


Note that tracks 1 and 2 are technically one song.
In 2003, Ipecac records released a 7" single for each song on the album. Each
one was limited to 2500 copies each.
Here's a list of the release number, and the b-side, a cover song, for each:
IPC 21: Black Stooges/ Foaming (fast version ) (Melvins)
IPC 22: Dr. Geek/Return of Spiders(Alice Cooper)
IPC 23: Little Judas Chongo/Jerkin' Krokus (Mott the Hoople)
IPC 24: The Fool, The Meddling Idiot/Promise Me (the Gun Club)
IPC 25: Brain Center at Whipples/Today Your Love,Tomorrow the World (Ramones)
IPC 26: Foaming/Arny (Warlock Pinchers)
IPC 27: The Anti-vermin Seed/Antivermin part 2 (Melvins)
1. Black Stooges 00:31
2. (Untitled Track) 05:58
3. Dr. Geek 02:35
4. Little Judas Chongo 02:03
5. The Fool, the Meddling Idiot 07:49
6. Foaming 03:50
7. Brain Center at Whipples 07:47
8. Anti Vermin Seed 15:51
Total playing time 46:24