Hels Vite

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Band Name Thyrfing
Album Name Hels Vite
Type Album
Released date 22 October 2008
Music StyleViking Black
Members owning this album70


 En Sista Litania
 Från Stormens Öga
 Hels Vite
 Becoming the Eye
 Tre Vintrar - Två Solar

Review @ hack

21 October 2009
According to Nordic myth, Thyrfing was a magical sword, that was made by dwarves. It never missed its targets and could cut through stone. It's a long saga, that I won't get into.

Thyrfing is also a Swedish folk metal band. Hels Vite is the 6th album from this quintet. Hels Vite means punishment by the goddess Hel. Vocalist Thomas Vaananen and guitarist Henke Svegjo left the band in 2007. They both left on good terms with their ex-band mates. Ex-Naglfar vocalist Jens Ryden joined the band. Jens Ryden moved to Stockholm to continue his studies after he left Naglfar. Thyrfing are based in Stockholm, so when they needed a new vocalist, he was the first person that they offered the job to. Jens contributes a lot to the song writing. His vocals are decent, but I prefer the more maniacal intensity of Vaananen. It still sounds like the typical grim screaming, though. Guitarist Svegjo wasn't replaced, I guess that means more money in their pockets. This makes me wonder if Svegjo and Vaananen left because of financial concerns.

Hels Vite is more atmospheric, with less folk influence than Farsotsider. There is nothing on this album that is as explosive as the track, Jag Spar Fordarv, on Hels Vite. But the album is more consistent, each song rocks and you won't need to skip any songs. The music is very heavy with a deep majestic sound and Nordic melodies. It's accentuated with subtle keyboards and choruses.

The album art is supposed to look like a frozen hell, where people are tormented by the cold temperatures. They wanted an album cover with lighter colors to contrast the dark colors of the art on their previous album (Farsotsider).

This album sounds something like Amon Amarth or Helrunar. I think Becoming The Eye is the best song on this album. I highly recommend this album to fans of black folk metal.

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