Grotesque Organ Defilement - Neurofibromatosis

Band's List Grindcore GOD (CAN-1) Grotesque Organ Defilement - Neurofibromatosis
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Band Name GOD (CAN-1)
Album Name Grotesque Organ Defilement - Neurofibromatosis
Type Compilation
Released date 20 June 2015
Music StyleGrindcore
Members owning this album1


1. Brain Damage
2. They Came From Within
3. Human Skull Bong
4. Autophagia (Dead Infection Cover)
5. Ribbed.... For Her Pleasure
6. Mulched Beyond Recognition
7. Eat What You Fuck!
8. Who Would Jesus Do?
9. Deathcrush (Mayhem Cover)
10. Basket Case
11. It's Alive
12. Human Vivisection
13. Pestilent Decay (Repulsion Cover)
14. Human Skull Bong
15. Demons
16. They Came from Within
17. Eat What You Fuck
18. Mulched Beyond Recognition
19. Kuru Disease
20. Involuntary Experimentation
21. Autophagia (Dead Infection Cover)
22. Car Accident
23. Brain Damage
24. Neurofibromatosis
25. The Battery of Ann Coulter
26. Prelude to a Serial Murder
27. Human Vivisection
28. It's Alive
29. Worlds Apart (Napalm Death Cover)

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