Body Horror

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Band Name GOD (CAN-1)
Album Name Body Horror
Type Album
Released date April 2015
Music StyleGrindcore
Members owning this album1


1. Maximum Tolerated Dose
2. Anthropocentric Malarkey
3. Thrush
4. Dermatillomania
5. The Antibro
6. Aftermath (Carnage Cover)
7. L-Cysteine Chapel
8. Am I Fun Yet!??
9. Spider-Goat
10. Dethroned Mayoror (FATO Cover)
11. Enough to Share
12. Genderized
13. Shitlisted
14. Pestilent Decay (Repulsion Cover)
15. Cesspool Mentality
16. M.R.A. (Massive Repressive Asshole)
17. Self Medicated
18. Prelude to a Serial Murder
19. House of Clocks
20. Modification of the Human Germline
21. Unearthing Pathogens
22. Perversion / Alkanoid / Penisnatcher (CSSO Cover)
23. Night of Terror

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