God to the Illfated

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Band Name Devian
Album Name God to the Illfated
Type Album
Released date 12 January 2009
Labels Century Media
Music StyleThrash Death
Members owning this album85


1. Mask of Virtue 03:17
2. Assailant 03:41
3. The Unspoken 03:45
4. Saintbleeder 04:41
5. I'm the Pariah 03:34
6. God to the Illfated 04:18
7. Summerdeath 04:31
8. South of Halo 05:36
9. Awaiting Doom 03:55
10. When the Vultures Have Left 07:02
Bonustracks (limited edition)
11. Reap the Storm 04:01
12. Raison d'Être 04:19
Total playing time 50:40

Comment @ BleedTheBlind

22 December 2009
I clearly remember the day I heard Devian's first platter of sweet destruction "Nine-winged Serpent". It was music to my ears then, and remains so to this day. Although with the exciting news of a follow-up album, I was for the time leading up to it skeptical that they would match their flawless debut. But I say to you here and now, they didn't just match it...They absolutely obliterated it. God of the Illfated is quite simply the most masterful slice of Death Metal Fury 2009 has seen. An adrenaline rush of blissful carnage consumes you from start to finish, leaving the competition gasping in its wake.

Musically the album is no one dimensional ordeal. Whilst the majority of its composition is Pure and Unadulterated Death Metal, it also encompasses aspects of Black Metal, Melodic Metal and just occasionally splices of Classical and Symphonic elements in them to further layer the exquisite experience. Now I say this as a fan of Marduk, but I think his departure from the Swedish Black Metal titans was most certainly for the best. If Devian continue to make albums of such quality, I wouldn't be surprised if their name was mentioned 20 years in the future much like Obituary and Morbid Angel are today! A cult Death Metal band in the making if ever I saw one.

I would go through a process of track recommendations, but in this case I feel no need to. Every single track slays like a juggernaut of sonic destruction. But for the sake of tradition I shall recommend my personal favourite "I'm The Pariah". This song perfectly epitomizes the nature of the album both emotionally and sonically.

I can't recommend this album highly enough ladies and gentlemen, the mere act of not hearing this is an injustice to yourself. The best release of 2009 in my eyes. Now get some Metal up you!!!

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