From Chaos to Eternity

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Band Name Rhapsody Of Fire
Album Name From Chaos to Eternity
Type Album
Released date 17 June 2011
Labels Nuclear Blast
Music StyleSymphonic power
Members owning this album266


1. Ad Infinitum 01:30
2. From Chaos to Eternity 05:45
3. Tempesta di Fuoco 04:48
4. Ghosts of Forgotten Worlds 05:35
5. Anima Perduta 04:46
6. Aeons of Raging Darkness 05:46
7. I Belong to the Stars 04:55
8. Tornado 04:57
9. Heroes of the Waterfall's Kingdom 19:32
Bonustrack (Japanese Release)
10. Tornado (Instrumental Version) 04:57
Bonustrack (Digipack Edition)
10. Flash of the Blade (Iron Maiden Cover) 04:17
Total playing time 57:34

Review @ Dr.Feelgood

04 July 2011

From Zero To The Endless Fairytale Fame

There are two bands which keep the reins of the fairytale power metal, Blind Guardian and Rhapsody Of Fire, but the only difference between them is that Rhapsody have the clue of symphony inside their music. With a great history till now they desided to end the history which started from The Legendary Tales describing the times of Algalord. The most amazing about this band is that after The Frozen Tears of Angels they did not stop and after some months they announced the recordings of From Chaos to Eternity. This was happening only in the '80s and Rhapsody proves their professionalism and their love to write songs anytime.

Before the first listening there is always the wondering "will I find something really interesting in there which will make me like it more than the previous one?" and the answer is that you will find something really good that it will not disappoint you. "Ad infinitum" is the right guitar intro to declare that this album is based more on the traditional atmosphere of guitar power rather than on the main symphonic side. Luca did a magnificent work on guitars and how could he do something on the contrary? Listen to "From Chaos to Eternity" and "Tempesta di fuoco", beautiful riffs and solo especially in the second one which has the best solo of the album. On this guitar variety there is also the participation of Tom Hess on rhythm sections.

I think that most of us enjoy and appreciate the gifted voice of Fabio lione, one of the best siners in power metal. In From Chaos to Eternity he sings higly gentle, melodic and irated in "Aeons of Raging Darkness", a song that in some moments is presented as a Children Of Bodom song. He also sings in Italian language in the beautifull ballad "Anima perduta" and in the beginning of the biggest song of the album "Heroes of the waterfall's kingdom". I may not understand Italian language, but Fabio uses always a special way to make you admire that whether he sings in Italian or in English or in any other language.

Also the album offers a cathcy song "I belong to the stars" which magnetizes you by the first chorus, you can learn it at once and his rhythm does not remind of the general rhythm of Rhapsody, but you are going to love it, do not reject it. Alex Staropoli has some enjoyable keyboards in here that color the whole atmosphere of the song and all his orchestrations in the album give the right tone to make it heard perfect to my ears without difficult moments, he plays simply.

Rhapsody could not leave out of this album Sir Christopher Lee, he seems to be the right person to do all the narratives through their songs. In this album he chronicles so magically the stories in the last song that you have the idea that you are listening to an album of fairytales and not to an album of songs.

I do not know when Rhapsody will release their next album and honestly I do not care so much and this because I know that From Chaos to Eternity not only it filled me with enthousiasm, but also it will be for me one of the best albums for 2011. It is another album in the last five years that keeps power metal on high levels and its fairytale character covers some of the moderate moments of previous albums. I will keep listening to it for much long time!


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Gennosuke - 05 July 2011: mm, i don't agree with the use of "fairytales" i would prefer - Epic legendary tales -
by the rest, only a little typo on third line "deCided"
Dr.Feelgood - 05 July 2011: It's up to everyone's thought about the use of "fairytale" or "epic". For the typo, yeah I noticed that too, but it was too late to corect it. Sometimes I forget to use the write a word on the right way.
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