Fall of Icons

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Band Name Ikuinen Kaamos
Album Name Fall of Icons
Type Album
Released date 05 March 2010
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1. Indoctrination of the Lost
2. Statues
3. In Ruins
4. Condemned
5. Apart

Review @ hack

07 March 2010
Those melodic death metal fans who are looking for an alternative to Opeth need to look no further than Ikuinen Kaamos. They hail from Joensuu, Finland, which is located almost 50 miles from the Russian border. Their name, Ikuinen Kaamos, means eternal polar night in the Finnish language. A polar night is when the night(darkness) lasts for more than 24 hours in the polar circles. They started out in 1997 and released 4 demos within a 7 year span of time. This album is their 3rd full length album and their 1st release with Maddening records. This band is a quintet, with 2 guitarists, and they really do stand out.

This album contains 5 long songs and lasts for over 55 minutes. The first thing noticeable about Indoctrination Of The Lost is a striking resemblance to Opeth, it stays like that for most of the album, though the music is far from being repetitive. The intricate guitar leads sound very much like that of Mikael Akerfeldt. The grim vocals also immulate Akerfeldt on this song.It's mingled with flowery interludes of acoustic guitars and some dramatic clear singing. Then dazzling guitar solos are intertwined with mildly grim vocals. This song mirrors some of the best music from early Opeth. Statues starts with intricate and flowery guitar solos. There are 2 different grim voices on this song, that sound unlike the grim vocals on the first track. The deeper grim voice sounds more like J. Pump of Panzerchrist and the lighter grim voice sounds similar to Ken Sorceron of Abigail Williams. It also contains a similar guitar hook to that in the song, Reject Emotions, by Destruction. Then later there is some Spanish style acoustic guitar playing, broken up by the usual grim interludes.

In Ruins starts with very nice acoustic guitars and clear vocals, then breaks into slightly heavier music with grim vocals that sound like J Pump of Panzerchrist. Then halfway into the song, the music intensifies with a faster tempo and much more intricate guitar playing. This is a beautiful song. Condemned starts off with very catchy guitar hooks and 2 different grim vocal tones. There is a very nice acoustic solo midway through this song. It returns to the the slightly grim style and ends with a dazzling guitar solo.

Apart is a very long song at 16:43 minutes in duration. It starts off with more attitude than the previous songs. Then an uglier grim interlude with the usual dual tone of grim voices. But this time one of the grim voices sounds more like trevor from Sadist(Italy), with the other tone resembling J Pump of Panzerchrist. There is a very intricate and catchy melody midway through the song. Then there is a suspenseful acoustic part, which gives way to the predictable grim intensity. Occasionally interspersed with with some beautiful clear vocals. A very harmonic style of guitar comes in every so often. Then towards the end, there is a Joe Satriani style guitar solo. Actually, this song sounds more like very early Borknagar.

Although the music sounds consistent throughout the album, the vocals do not. So I wonder if the songs on this album were recorded at different times. Actually that's good for this album, because it helps to add some variety. This album is a very polished release, it's got a very relaxing atmosphere, yet it does rock. This album is a top notch production in the way of musicianship and songwriting. The guitars and bass playing are sensational. The drums and vocals are also great. All of the musicians demonstrate themselves as experts. I bought this album online, though it costed more than most albums. I think that it was worth every penny. I thoroughly enjoy listening to this album. I really wanted to rate this album a 20, but I couldn't, because their style doesn't sound very original. After 13 years in the business, a band should find its own identity. Personally, I became burnt out on Opeth's music about 4 years ago.

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Comment @ Nastasia

14 February 2010
If you want some fresh melodic black/death metal with progressive elements, there's no better choice than the new Ikuinen Kaamos album Fall of Icons.
With only five tracks it beats many albums by quality as well as by impression it makes. Slightly reminding me of recent Opeth creations by its minimalistic guitar passsages and growling changing to clear vocals, it still has something new to offer.
The striking energy is mixed with notrhern melancholy that almost none of the scandinavian bands can camouflage. The songs go in pretty the same spirit and complement each other without blending to one undistinguishable chaos.
The album as a whole with the booklet which has a simple yet likable dessign makes a high-quality piece of work and can be a pleasant hearer experiance.

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