Evisceration Plague

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Band Name Cannibal Corpse
Album Name Evisceration Plague
Type Album
Released date 03 February 2009
Produced by
Music StyleDeath Metal
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1. Priests of Sodom 03:31
2. Scalding Hail 01:46
3. To Decompose 03:03
4. A Cauldron of Hate 04:59
5. Beheading and Burning 02:15
6. Evidence in the Furnace 02:48
7. Carnivorous Swarm 03:36
8. Evisceration Plague 04:30
9. Shatter Their Bones 03:35
10. Carrion Sculpted Entity 02:33
11. Unnatural 02:22
12. Skewered from Ear to Eye 03:49
Bonustrack (European Release)
13. Skull Fragment Armor 02:10
Total playing time 41:41

Review @ Scandals

13 February 2009
Has it only been 3 years since ‘Kill’? Seems like so much longer ago I first spun my opening taste of Cannibal Corpse, and suffered severe facial melting. You see, ‘Kill’ was the culmination of all that made Cannibal Corpse awesome in the first place; speed, brutality, gore and, most importantly, genuine technical chops that showed they were anything but a one trick pony. So how exactly would you follow up such a momentously good album? ‘Evisceration Plague’ is your answer.

As with all good Cannibal albums, ‘Evisceration Plague’ opens with a throat wrenching scream from George ‘Corpsegrinder’ Fisher as the blasting ‘Priests of Sodom’ hurtles out of the starting blocks. Fisher’s vocal performance appears to have picked up a little more clarity, which was a highlight of ‘Kill’ for me; it’s nice to see an attempt to make death metal lyrics actually understandable now and again. It also contains some nice vocal layering, adding to the intensity. Musically, I wasn’t a fan of the blasting to start with; it seemed to be a bit of blast autopilot, but once that chugging riff broke through, all was forgiven. It is the same feeling I got when listening to ‘Five Nails Through the Neck’ from ‘Kill’, that you were in the company of masters. There is more of the fluid soloing that ‘Kill’ brought to the fore, but it never detracts from the brutality.

The short sharp shock of ‘Scalding Hail’ is second, and is possibly the best track on the record, outside the title track. It’s the shortest song the band have written in a while, and the beating your ears receive is relentless. There is no slower section; there’s no space for it amongst the unrelenting growl of Fisher and the speedy blast. If you enjoyed ‘Make Them Suffer’ from ‘Kill’, this is going to be a favourite for you. In fact, the album as a whole presents an amalgamation of all the highlights of Cannibal Corpse’s career, compressed into Erik Rutan’s crisp production and spat out with murderous intent. ‘To Decompose’ opens with a solid chug and then tears off with a howling solo to be brought back down with that awesome opening riff. It then proceeds to destroy the world with a ground shaking breakdown, perfect for the headbang, and then that riff comes back in. It could fit in well on ‘Gallery of Suicide’, and the spiralling solos that punctuate ‘Carrion Sculpted Entity’ and ‘Unnatural’ are an excellent progression from ‘Kill’.

There is also a fair share of slower paced material, which exchange relentless pace for measured brutality. The ominous ‘A Cauldron of Hate’, and the deathly rumble of the title track are great examples of this. In fact ‘Evisceration Plague’ boasts the same type of swaying riff that I enjoyed in ‘Infinite Misery’ from ‘Kill’, it comes across as very Immolation-esque. But it is the faster paced material that is to the fore, and guitarists Pat O’Brien and Rob Barrett seem to have taken it upon themselves to solo the band into oblivion later on. Which of course is fine when it is sandwiched between some of the best death metal riffage this side of Morbid Angel. There is something truly savage about ‘Evidence in the Furnace’ when it fully takes off, and the aptly entitled ‘Carnivorous Swarm’ sounds, if you’ll pardon the pun, waspish in its intensity.

If you enjoyed ‘Kill’, you’ll like this. It is as simple as that. But don’t be suckered into thinking that this is merely ‘Kill’ part 2, or an outtakes from the recording of it, because Cannibal Corpse possess one of those rare traits in the death metal world: the ability to write consistently familiar sounding and yet totally unique records. Everyone who enjoys extreme music knows their sound, and most of us love them for it. They don’t need to change, and I hope they don’t, because they’ve just consistently got better. For me, it doesn’t quite beat ‘Kill’, that’s been one of my favourite death metal records ever, but it’s damn sure close. Yet another refined, brutal gem.


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razvandani - 15 February 2009: Cannibal gets better and better, they are truly masters of death, no doubt about that. Very good review by the way.
Scandals - 16 February 2009: yeh they certainly do. thanx, have a number of others on the site if u wanna have a look
Lsuforever - 12 October 2010: Not one Cannibal Corpse album dissapointed me. They all kick ass and every album I have at least one or two favorite songs from each.
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Comment @ Flynn

18 July 2009
We live in a troubled time where lack of talentis often mistaken for genius, and if there was an award for that, I'd have to give the golden medal to Cannibal Corpse.
I wasn’t too keen on sharing my opinion on Cannibal Corpse simply because of all the hate mail I’m going to have to reply to. But anyway let’s get this over with shall we ?
First thing’s first. I’ll begin with what I like about Cannibal Corpse…One: The Cover art. Makes me wonder what kind of guy can bring themselves to draw that shit.And Two: The fact that they’re always angry and never go softcock.And that concludes the plus sides. Now let’s find some stuff to rip on…

This is the eleventh Cannibal Corpse album and like all previous albums it’s always the same guitar tuning, same rhythms, same drum pace, same vocals, and same fucking content !!! Even those who aren’t psychic could pretty have predicted that by now. Here’s how I’ll describe the sound of this album; go and listen to any Cannibal Corpse song… YouTube, MySpace, whatever…

Go on I'll wait
Done it ?Good now go and listen to the same song again twelve times and you’ve pretty much heard their 2009 album “Evisceration Plague”. Heard one Cannibal Corpse song and you’ve heard all of them. Heard one Cannibal Corpse album and you’ve heard all their albums. And whether or not you chose to believe it, most people only get into Cannibal Corpse for the lyrical content. Sure it’s good for a while. Getting really in depth about brutally murdering someone is something I can get into but ONLY if I know why the individual in question deserves to die. If I wanted to listen to pointless yelling with no meaning I’d listen a married couple having a domestic!!! All I know going into the story of every Cannibal Corpse song is that there’s someone getting brutally fucked up or being brutally murdered… and that’s all. Pretty anticlimactic aye? I can dig it if there’s a reason behind the murder or if the person dying is an absolute FUCKER!!! But it’s never explained. For all I know the people being slaughtered in every song could be people who are hard working, loyal to their lovers, and make a difference in someone’s life. Or they COULD be a lazy motherfucker who cheats on every special person they end up with and never deserved in the first place, and makes everyone around them cry faster than rubbing the skins of an onion in someone’s eye. But I guess I’ll never know seeming as they’d rather have us fill in that blank for ourselves. (Lazy bastards). So I chose to take turns with the band members and imagine one of them getting fucked up in each song. “Corpsegrinder” for the song “Evidence In The Furnace”. Pat for “To Decompose”. Alex for “Scalding Hail” (Simply because he wrote the lyrics to it) and yeah… you get the general idea. Cannibal Corpse songs are like the streets in a massive city you’re traveling through… same sounds down every street only the titles of them are different!!! Also I was told this album was meant to have the best guitar sound Cannibal Corpse has ever done. If that’s the case then I’d fucking hate to hear the worst guitars they’ve ever done… then again on reflection I probably have.
Anyway I DID however manage to sit down and listen to this album all the way through and my favourite part was when it was over.


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InfinityZero - 03 October 2010: I agree with you, actually. Only thing is, I find Eaten Back to Life to be a little different, but you're right, this band has released the same album since the Bleeding. Cannibla Corpse isn't anything more than mosh pit fodder. I'd still love to see em live if I got the chance but...like I said... mosh pit fodder.
Lsuforever - 12 October 2010: Their songs are about zombies killing people dude. Zombies don't have or need a reason to kill. And none of their albums are the same.
CLucker666 - 28 November 2011: Go listen to eviscration pkague then tomb of the mutilated and try and tell me they sound the same
Unicorn88 - 17 January 2012: After Barnes left, they kinda went to shit. Alex Webster is an amazing bassist. Everything else is lacking
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