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Band Name Uruk-Hai (AUT)
Album Name Elbenglanz
Type Compilation
Released date 11 August 2016
Music StyleDark Ambient
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1. Far Away
2. Gil-Galad
3. The Fate of Man
4. The Unknown
5. Valley of Gorgoroth
6. Lebenin
7. War Magic
8. Farewell We Call
9. Into the Mirror
10. Shadow of the Orcs
11. Man of Straw

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Uruk-Hai (AUT)

Review @ winterdemon

18 August 2016

A perfect compilation made in austria

Well here it is the new release of austria's most famous Ambient and Dungeon Synth one-man project Uruk-Hai. This new release is the first part of a series of Best of songs from 17 years band history and the special thing on the Compilation is that all songs are chosen by us, the fans. Elbenglanz is the first part of and later this year a second one will follow and I guess it's called Elbenstolz.
Some of the songs of Elbenglanz are re-recorded and with featuring of the underground guitarist Joe Matera.

Elbenglanz was released by the lable Aphelion Productions and is limited to 500 copies only. I have to say this release is perfect for everyone who dosen' have the chance to collect the whole Uruk-Hai releases because their are to much and the next problem is the limitations some of the most famous recordings in the early years of Uruk-Hai are hard to find and when you find it they are very very expensive.

All the tracks and melodies are very wise choose by the fans and of course all songs are about the writeins of J.R.R. Tolkien and his books The Lord of the Rings, the silmarilon or the hobbit. Uruk-Hai is for me like a soundtrack for this whole Tolkien stuff is so exciting to but on a Uruk-Hai record it has this own feeling, this own spirit and passion in every melody and it never gets boring and sometimes it has this horrifying effect when you are alone in the dark and you just listen to a song for example Shadow of the Orcs or songs like that.

So at last I have to say this record is a must have for every fan of Dark Ambient and Dungeon Synth and also everyone who's a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien and his epic and legendary mystical book's. It's a perfect release for everyone who whant's to look inside this genre all songs are good chosen for this release and I can't wait the second part of this Compilation series. So be fast and get you your copie befor they are all gone. Don't forget their are only 500 copies out there and yes I got my CD already in my CD-shelf. Elbenglanz is very compiled album and is another proud member of Uruk-Hai's and Alexander "Hugin" Wieser's album discography

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