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Band Name Wormrot
Album Name Dirge
Type Album
Released date March 2011
Music StyleGrindcore
Members owning this album49


1. No One Gives a Shit
2. Compulsive Disposition
3. All Go No Emo
4. Public Display of Infection
5. Overpowered Violence
6. Semiconcious Godsize Dumbass
7. Spot a Pathetic
8. Evolved into Nothing
9. Butt Krieg Is Showing
10. Fucking Fierce So What
11. Ferocious Bombardment
12. Principle of the Puppet Warfare
13. Deceased Occupation
14. Waste of Time
15. Stench of Ignorance
16. Meteor to the Face
17. Addicts of Misery
18. You Suffer But Why Is It My Problem
19. Erased Existence
20. Back Stabber Mission Aborted
21. Destruct the Bastards
22. Plunged into Illusions
23. Manipulation
24. A Dead Issue
25. The Final Insult

Review @ heavymetaltribune

28 March 2011

do not blink.

Wormrot returns this year with Dirge, the first release of new material after being signed to Earache Records. Wormrot took the grindcore world with surprise with their debut full length effort, Abuse and it is no surprise that high expectations are held for their sophomore effort, Dirge.

Similar to most previous releases by Wormrot, the songs on Dirge all do not even hit the 2 minute mark, almost as if it were a curse, with the shortest tracks being a mere 4 seconds, true to their grindcore roots. The album opens with No One Gives a Shit, a heavy death metal riff greeting the listener, almost tricking him into thinking that this is going to be a heavier and more serious direction that Wormrot is heading towards. Well, this isn't exactly wrong though the tempo chosen to open the track certainly is uncharacteristic of Wormrot.

However, with Compulsive Disposition, Wormrot gets to familiar ground once more, with the insanely and inhumanly fast speed that the music travels at. Vocalist Arif experiments more with different vocal styles, including shouts to bring out the aggression in the music. The simple riffs unleashed by guitarist Rasyid are backed by the drumming of Fitri in harmony, bringing about some of the most addictive music I have ever encountered since 2009's Abuse. However, this is not all brainless riffing (and anyway, playing at such breakneck speed is already no mean feat by itself) as evident on the more melodic Deceased Operation, where the band alternates between fast and slow tempos, messing up with the listener's sense of rhythm.

The raw energy on the songs is infectious, instantly bringing listeners to start a one-man moshpit while listening to it in their room. The short track runtimes means that there is hardly any time to rest at all, even with the slow down towards the end of Spot a Pathetic, as the band instantly breaks into the next round of madness with Evolved Into Nothing. The band often sounds as if they can't help rushing towards the finish line in a race, and this is certainly not a bad thing for speed devils with ADD.

Also, the band ensures that despite the length (or lack of) of the tracks, they are put in such order that all tracks flow seamlessly from one to the next. The instrumental track The Final Insult provides the album with a fitting end with a slight slow down in tempo and increased intensity, leaving the listener high and dry and having him find himself pressing the play button all over again.

Of course, this album is not all serious and no fun, with the most notable track being the 4 second Fucking Fierce So What, seemingly a follow up to Abuse's So Fierce For Fuck?!, and the equally short You Suffer But Why is it My Problem. There is also the tongue-in-cheek track titled Butt Krieg is Showing.

Yet another awesome release by Wormrot, sending their point flying across to their listeners with 25 tracks in under 20 minutes. If you thought Abuse wasn't aggressive enough, make sure you do not miss Dirge.

One more short piece of advice: do not blink or you'll start missing out.

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Review @ GandhiEgo

13 May 2011

Earache is back in business. Wormrot kill in less than 30 seconds.

Wormrot's debut was released some two years ago on smaller label Reform Records. At the time it probably took being an avid Grindcore fan to have heard about them not only because Reform Records isn't exactly what you'd call a power player but also because the band hails from Singapore. It’s not an uncommon feat at all because there are indeed quite a few bands coming from South Eastern Asia but they usually play either Black Metal or Death Metal where Wormrot are indeed a pure Grindcore band.

Pure Grindcore. The way it’s seldom done nowadays where most Grindcore bands have turned Goregrind or experience in the trendy field of CyberGrind. On Abuse, you could hear much of what makes Dirge such a great record. I guess that besides the production kicking some more serious ass, the ingredients have remained the same: hellish parts reminiscent of Phobia with two singers, the growler one and the shrieking one that will make you think of other grind giants Magrudergrind. If the references are a bit too obscure try picturing the rage and power of early Napalm Death releases when Dorrian was still “singing” and the heaviness of German Blood.

Most tracks don't reach the minute mark and they usually keep it at around 30 seconds. Still they got some of the catchiest riffing released lately and if you're a bit scared don’t think you’re in for some LDOH brain-raping stuff. It’s highly listenable provided you’re got acute taste for albums like FETO or Scum.

Talking about such legendary records is the perfect transition to note that this record is released by one of the most legendary labels out there: Earache Records. If you’re a noob, let’s just say that without this label much of what is deemed Extreme Metal nowadays would look way different. On the other hand, it’s fair to say that post-93, the label sucked big eggs and jumped in the mercantile bandwagon losing some of its roots. It’s then especially refreshing to see that, by signing Wormrot, they haven’t completely lost faith in the music that made them so great. Kudoz for that.

Dirge will please fans of true Grindcore wherever they are and no matter how old they are. The younger pups will appreciate it just as much as the old-timers. That's a fact. Get your own copy ASAP. This record kills.

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Review @ Crinn

29 December 2011

The best traditional grindcore record I've ever heard.

I completely understand how hard it is to truly appreciate grindcore. Heck, when I heard my first grindcore album which was Phantom Limb by Pig Destroyer, I didn’t know what the hell to think! After about a week I decided that I hated it; but for some reason I kept that album on my computer. I actually still listened to the first track every once in a while, but I still couldn’t stand listening to the whole thing. But I gradually started to understand grindcore more and more as time went on, and even now I’m still a little iffy about the genre. The band that really turned me on to grindcore was the Canadian band Fuck the Facts, whom I saw in concert and ended up pressing my lips against the vocalist’s. But we’re not here to talk about kissing Mel Mongeon, I’m here to tell you about a grindcore band that has been through a lot of shit and is from a place that you wouldn’t expect to find a metal band, and that is Wormrot from Singapore.

The majority of people would listen to Wormrot and say that this is your average traditional grindcore band. The majority of full-length grindcore albums out there have no less than 11 songs, this album has 25. And someone might look at the less-than-two-minute song lengths and just assume that it’s just random Noise (later to be mocked by Wormrot’s 2011 Noise EP). But if you sit down and listen to the album straight through a couple of times, you will find that there are actually several different kinds of songs. I would recommend that you listen to the songs in order (rather than on shuffle like I do most of the time) because a lot of songs blend into the next one therefore enhancing the Wormrot listening experience.

Their vocalist expresses the ability to make several different sounds come out of his mouth. You will hear the Lee Dorian-style yell, the Seth Putnam-style scream, exhaled growls, inhaled growls, and even the traditional grindcore pigsqueal. Like most grindcore lyrics, there isn’t a specific theme or topic that is generally followed within the album; the lyrics just seem like a bunch of random shit that the vocalist wrote down in his notebook while high on some unknown substance.

A lot of people would listen to this album and say that there is no music in this, it’s just freaking Noise. I tend to agree with that actually, but then again, what is music? Some say that music has to have notes and a steady beat, some say that real music doesn’t have any auto-tuned vocals, some say that good music died when Britney Spears released her first single, the list goes ON AND ON! Here’s the reason why I love music so much: There are no limits, if you take ANY sound, there are at least three people in this world that would call that sound music. A lot of people call the sound of raindrops hitting the leaves on the ground music, some people consider the chirping sound that birds make music, some people consider grindcore to be music. I believe that there’s no true definition of what “true” music is, it’s all just opinion! And although I rarely consider a grindcore band to be musical in any form, I would be one of the first people to buy a ticket to see Wormrot when (or even if) they come to Seattle.

The story behind this album is not an enjoyable one. And it might be especially hard for those of you hardcore Earache Records fans. It’s pretty surprising that none of the other reviews of this album on Spirit of Metal mention this. This album was released in March of this year, in a world where the music industry is just barely skidding along, especially that of the extreme metal industry, where bands made little money even before illegal downloads were available on the internet. I don’t know when the first illegal internet music downloads happened (please tell me if you know) but it’s taken over the global music industry. Although the biggest and most used file storage/sharing website for pirating music and movies, Limewire, was shut down in 2010, the music industry is still suffering; and yes, even the rap and pop artists are having less of an income.

I’ll never forgive Earache Records for doing this because this is the most retarded thing a record label has ever done. Wormrot released Dirge while they were on tour. Their tour bus for some reason got impounded in the middle of the tour, so the only thing that could give them the money to pay the impound to get their bus back was the sales of their second full-length album. But without them knowing, Earache wasn’t being careful with the album and it leaked all over the internet. When Earache saw that this was happening, the amount of downloads that had already been done was so large that the label decided “what’s the point of selling the damn album?” and they started giving the record out for free on their website! Although Earache records started charging money for the album about a month or so after they started giving out for free, Wormrot was still stuck with all of their equipment locked inside their impounded van.

This is an amazing grindcore record that can’t get any purer than this. This album is enough to make a grindcore fan happy. Although they don’t have that big of a fan base, the critics (myself included) love them! This deserves 16/20.

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Comment @ GutBucket

01 January 2012

One of the best grindcore albums to come along in a long time!

This one of the best grindcore albums to come along in a long time! From start to finish this album kicks total ass!!! If you dig old school crust/grind like Assuck and Disrupt this is the CD for you! Stand out tracks include Compulsive Disposition, The Final Insult, and Stench Of Ignorance. This music is for fans of bands such as Gut Bucket, Nasum, Disrupt, Assuck, Rotten Sound, and Phobia.

Well, I'm no master "Reviewer" as some people on this site would wish me to be, but hear goes nothing. Wormrot embodies the spirit of pure Grindcore. The violent riffs and blistering D-beat/Blast fury of the drums mixed with shreiking vocals from the bowles of Satan's vary asshole! You can't get much more primal than Wormrot's "Dirge", a hands down no bullshit album with all the thrashy breakdowns that would even make an old school Antrhrax fan blush. If this album doesn't do it for you. You might as well start listening to Pat Boone records!

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