Diminishing Between Worlds

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Band Name Decrepit Birth
Album Name Diminishing Between Worlds
Type Album
Released date 29 January 2008
Music StyleTechnical Death
Members owning this album106


1. The Living Doorway 04:23
2. Reflection of Emotions 04:16
3. Diminishing Between Worlds 03:52
4. Dimensions Intertwine 03:45
5. The Enigmatic Form 03:16
6. A Gathering of Imaginations 04:08
7. Await the Unending 04:30
8. Through Alchemy Bound Eternal 03:52
9. ...And Time Begins 05:20
10. Essence of Creation 06:34
11. The Morpheus Oracle 00:54
Total playing time 44:50

Comment @ boltthrower666

24 July 2008
Decrepit Birth was one of those bands that… for a lack of a better word… sucked !
I think I even fell asleep when "… And Time Begins" was about to end : it was a very generic album, most of the riffs sounded like Suffocation on uppers, blast-beats with jammed guitar-work and nothing else. Of course the band had good moments, but generally speaking that album was just mediocre… but -my oh my- the band changed everything that was wrong with them and updated all of the good perks they had, and they finally created an album worth of their powerful name.

So, "Diminishing Between Worlds" is a great album, it almost sounds like a completely different band ; now Decrepit Birth sounds ten times more brutal and even more complex than before. It still sounds like Suffocation and Deeds Of Flesh though, but that's a good thing. This time, they took their influences and added a huge pallet of chromatic sounds and amazing riffs… So, they don't just sit back and enjoy the "copy-paste" orgy = they actually create and offer something unique and really intense.

There must be a source for all this greatness too ! As you can see, this band is now a trio (at least when they recorded this piece), the drummer is a member of Odious Mortem (one of last year's most promising bands), that might have helped a lot as most of the breakdowns and hooks have a catchy beat provided mostly by drum-patterns. Well, I don't like to rest power from the other instruments. Sotelo does an amazing job with his instruments indeed but, to be honest, one of the most interesting features in this album comes in the drumming, seriously !

I highly recommend this album, it is definitely one of the best brutal death releases this year, and with names like Prostitute Disfigurement and Origin releasing albums too… believe me, that's saying a lot.

Best Tracks : "The Living Doorway", "Diminishing Between Worlds", "Await The Unending" !

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