Diabolical Desecration

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Band Name Bewitched (SWE)
Album Name Diabolical Desecration
Type Album
Released date 12 August 1996
Music StyleThrash Black
Members owning this album68


Re-Issued in 2012 by Osmose Productions with 6 bonustracks taken from the EP "Encyclopedia of Evil" and a different cover.
1. Hard As Steel (Hot As Hell)
2. Hellcult
3. Born of Flames
4. Deathspell
5. Bloodthirst
6. Burnin' Paradise
7. Holy Whore
8. Triumph of Evil
9. Firehymn
10. Dressed in Blood
11. Blade of the Ripper
12. The Witches Plague
13. Diabolical Desecration
Bonustracks (Re-Issued 2012)
14. Intro / Warhead (Venom Cover)
15. Sacrifice (Bathory Cover)
16. Evil (Mercyful Fate Cover)
17. Circle of the Tyrants (Celtic Frost Cover)
18. Come to the Sabbat (Black Widow Cover)
19. Hellcult (Live)