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Band Name Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows
Album Name D.R.U.G.S.
Type Album
Released date 22 February 2011
Music StylePost Hardcore
Members owning this album26


 If You Think This Song Is About You, It Probably Is
 The Only Thing You Talk About
 Graveyard Dancing
 Mr. Owl Ate My Metal Worm
 Sex Life
 Laminated E.T. Animal
 Stop Reading, Start Doing Pushups
 I'm the Rehab, You're the Drugs
 I'm Her to Take the Sky
 The Hangman
 My Swagger Has a First Name

 A Little Kiss And Tell [Japanese/ITunes Bonus Track]
 Ghost Town (B-Side)
 The Holly Situation (B-Side)
 Rehab In Rifle Rounds (B-Side)
 Scream If You're Crazy [B-Side]
 Graveyard Dancing (Acoustic) [B-Side]
 Never Odd Or Even (Appears on copyright record but never released) (B-Side)

Total playing time: 01:02:44

Review @ SethMichael

20 May 2011

Any doubts about this band maybe laid to rest after the first track...

Whoever thought Craig leaving Chiodos was a bad thing, think again people. Usually when a singer that practically makes a band the band it is leaves (or is kicked out) bad things happen, but honestly D.R.U.G.S. is the best thing that has happened to Craig since Bone Palace Ballet (my opinion of course, since everybody has their own favorite album). So what if there is a hint of auto-tune to his vocals (either that or he's trained his voice to lose that squeak), it really has a lot more of a matured sound to it than his older work did.

D.R.U.G.S. definitely contains more pop-like elements than it's predecessor, but quite possibly only for the better. The album brings us catchy choruses, headbanging powerful verses, with (thankfully) miniscule amounts of breakdowns, screaming and solos (which we all know can ruin music if they are typical and unskilled). Once again the grace and mysterious beauty of the piano plays a major role in Craig Owens' songs, setting the mood for Boneyard Dancing; the album's third track that holds it's place as one of the album's best, no doubt about it. Then we're enraptured by the beauty of the acoustic guitar intro of Laminated E.T. Animals, and so enticed to sing a long with the catchy lines of the chorus, even though this album was in no way a stab in the dark, nor was the song.

Any doubts about this band may be laid to rest after the first track, the explosive (yet lengthy titled)If You Think This Song Is About You, It Probably Is. No one could've asked for a better way to start an amazing album like this. The only problem that I see with the song is how damn short it is, every time I hear it it leaves me wanting more and more of it. Of course everybody has their not so favorite parts of an album so even though I like it as a whole I do have my least favorite song. I'm Here To Take the Sky in my opinion is the least explosive track, letting the more pop influence lead the way nearly turning this softer D.R.U.G.S. song into a cliche ballad (in my opinion).

Listen to Chiodos, or listen to D.R.U.G.S. (or listen to both like I do) it's up to you. Both bands are relevant, and in the immortal words of Randy Jackson "in it to win it." (pardon the American Idol reference, I just had to). Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows definitely brings together great elements of pop, alternative and metal into a monstrous (in a good way) amalgamation of music. All I can ask for is a new album that will take this fire that they started and turn it into a legacy of great album after another.

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