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Band Name Isis
Album Name Celestial
Type Album
Released date 2000
Music StylePost Hardcore
Members owning this album60


In addition to the regular CD and vinyl LP editions, Celestial is available in a double release, coupled with its sister EP, SGNL>05.
Original album was self released, re-released on Escape Artist Records as DigiPak, european version is released on Hydra Head Records and japanese version on Ritual Records as 2-CD together with SGNL>05 on the second
1. Sgnl>01
2. Celestial (The Tower)
3. Glisten
4. Swarm Reigns (Down)
5. Sgnl>02
6. Deconstructing Towers
7. Sgnl>03
8. Collapse and Crush
9. C.F.T (New Circuity and Continued Evolution)
10. Gentle Time
11. Sgnl>04