Burzum - Gorgoroth

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Band Name Burzum
Album Name Burzum - Gorgoroth
Type Bootleg
Released date 1993
Music StyleBlack Metal
Members owning this album63


"Demo 91"
1. Lost Wisdom
2. Spell of Destruction
3. Channeling...
4. A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit (Unreleased Version)
5. A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit (Another Version)
6. My Key to Purgatoory (Rough Mix) (My Key to the Gate)
7. Lost Wisdom (Rough Mix)
"A Sorcery Written in Blood"
8. Gathered at Blakulla (Intro) / Sexual Bloodgargling
9. (Under) the Pagan Megalith
"Live in Germany"
10. Katharinas Vortgang
11. Crushing the Scepter (Regaining a Lost Dominion)
12. Ritual
13. Maaneskuggens Slave

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Gorgoroth (NOR)