Boredom and Frustration

Band's List Grindcore Retaliation (SWE) Boredom and Frustration
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Band Name Retaliation (SWE)
Album Name Boredom and Frustration
Type EP
Released date 2001
Labels Blood Harvest
Music StyleGrindcore
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1. Septic Vaginal Discharge
2. Morgue Intruder
3. Severe Proctological Disembowelment
4. Corpse Disorder
5. Doctrine Dismemberment
6. Child Abuse
7. Semi-Digested Tumor
8. Deviant
9. Necrotic Gizzard Engulfer
10. Hunting Humans
11. Ghoulish Morgue Staff
12. Severed Head
13. Under This Mortal Soil
14. Massive Molestation
15. Exploding Face
16. Formaldehyde Burial
17. Skeletonized Remains
18. Infant Bodybag
19. Mucous Semen

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Retaliation (SWE)