Board Up the House

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Band Name Genghis Tron
Album Name Board Up the House
Type Album
Released date 19 February 2008
Produced by Kurt Ballou
Music StyleExperimental Metal
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1. Board Up the House
2. Endless Teeth
3. Things Don't Look Good
4. Recursion
5. I Won't Come Back Alive
6. City on a Hill
7. The Whips Blow Back
8. Colony Collapse
9. The Feast (ft. Greg Puciato of The Dillinger Escape Plan)
10. Ergot
11. Relief

Review @ vastAire

11 February 2008
Genghis [ʧiŋgɪs] : born Temüjin, was the founder, Khan (ruler) and posthumously declared Khagan (emperor) of the Mongol Empire, the largest contiguous empire in history. .

Tron [trνή] : Tron is the first movie to use animated sequences designed or redesigned by computers

Board Up the House. That's some piece of advice I'm about to follow. I don't know how or why, maybe to overcome the Genghis Tron typhoon or simply to prevent neighbors or cops from spoiling the listening of this album. Whatever, advice are advice, so let's close the doors, let wifey watch this damn flick with Julianne Moore and plug in the headphones with volume set to +11.

For those of you who wouldn't know (yet) Genghis Tron, let's do some cooking to get back on tracks. In a blender (or rather a grinder), put some chunks of grindcore a la 'The Locust vs The Berzerker', a nice spoonful of 'Autechre vs Aphex Twin' and since you seem to definitely enjoy spicy food you will add sick and intoxicating bits of Black Metal and early Pink Floyd. Go direct to full speed. Et voilà, it's ready.

Genghis Tron is all of the above and even more. Hard to describe the music of such an UFO which has been too hastily classified as cybergrind. Even the wikipedia dudes had troubles sorting this out and I bet they are still arguing and debating on which style most defines the trio from New York. Except for cybergrind, Genghis Tron gets all kinds of pompous styles such like IDM, power noise, doom, industrial, ambient and even progressive metal. This says it all, or does it say anything at all?.
So here I come with my 500 words vocabulary, and I start thinking where the hell am I going to take you with so many approximations? Well let's try and do a comeback on the band. 2004, release of the first demo which will be followed in the next two years by two EP's and already the first full-length Dead Mountain Mouth in 2006. Because their music is essentially based on electronica, Genghis Tron's sound gets decent production but lacks of the media-friendly halo needed to conquer the world (which, do not doubt my word, is obviously planned in their own personal agenda). No sooner said than done, the second album which your humble servant will happily review just came out on monstrous Relapse Records.

First noticeable consequence from switching to a 'major' label, the songwriting has gained momentum and ambition. One will obviously find those tracks which constitute the very glory (or the 'unglory' if you listen to complaining wankers) of grindcore, carved like small diamonds and lasting between one and two minutes. In a tortured musical landscape, death is not necessarily quick and sometimes the delicious agony may come under successive gnawing waves aiming both at your ears and your heart.
Noisy guitars sometimes flirting with NWOBHM or even Doom, keyboards worthy of Luke Vibert or even the great Richard D. James (AFX, Aphex Twin) together with the sick stench of Black Metal, blasting cold (even freezing) vocals like some lost scream in the night along with 'clear' singing a la David Gilmour... Genghis Tron is a land of contrasts and of the most daring and successful turnarounds.

I believe it is vain to try and unravel all the mysteries of the storm named 'Board Up the House'. One could unsuccessfully try and come up with only a few useless words (oh gee, do I not sound like some Depeche Mode lyrics?) but on top of that we'd just end up spoiling our pleasure in pure nonsense.

Just give this album a try with your child mode on, accept everything and discover new boundaries. I can only assure you you will not walk away from this intact. After all, advice are meant for our own good and we did well by boarding up the house.


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BEERGRINDER - 18 April 2008: Genghis Tron Sucks! (joke)

I saw the movie "mongole" last week, so Temujin was the real name of Genghis Khan. Ok, I wondered if this film was historical or invention but it seems that it is true.
Oferiko - 25 May 2013: Nice review! I don't know what to make of this, but you could write only the last paragraph. The bottom line is all that matters.
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