Awake the Riot

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Band Name Dust Bolt
Album Name Awake the Riot
Type Album
Released date 30 May 2014
Produced by Max Krach
Music StyleThrash Metal
Members owning this album36


 Living Hell
 Soul Erazor
 Beneath the Earth
 You Lost Sight
 Agent Thrash
 Living a Lie
 Awake the Riot - The Final War
 Eternal Waste
 Drowned in Blind Faith
 Worlds Built to Deceive
 The Monotonous - Distant Scream
 Future Shock (Evildead Cover)

Review @ hack

09 December 2014

...played with concussive headbanging force.

So what the fuck is a dust bolt? It doesn't seem to make obvious sense, unless you consider the irony of other band names like Led Zeppelin or Quiet Riot. When it's dry outside, then you've got dust. When it's raining, then you see bolts of lightning. So the name Dust Bolt could be construed as another paradoxical band name. They've got a very good artist who does their album covers, which appear with brilliant colors, and amusing concepts. Their 2012 album, Violent Demolition, had artwork that showed some people who looked half beaten to death. It thrashed with dynamic guitar music and a maniacal attitude, which seemed to be heavily influenced by Exodus and Kreator. This 2014 release, Awake the Riot, has album art depicting eleven men fighting a huge giant who's holding two bombs. So will they keep up the fast paced intensity or was that just a one time deal? Do they have their own style or are they merely cheap imitators?

Dust Bolt is a young thrash quartet featuring two guitarists, with one of them doubling up as the vocalist. Lenny Breuss hollers and yells his lines in a hurry, with an unglamorous "what you see is what you get" attitude. Raspy screams are used to hit the higher notes, not giving a fuck if it doesn't sound nice. The occasional choruses sound like the traditional eighties hardcore styled chants. Soul Erazor runs off fast with bad ass guitar leads and brutal bludgeoning rhythms that circulate with a bay area roughness. The thrash structures show a lot of influence from eighties era Exodus. The lyrics are about fighting and killing the ones who suppress and control you.

The guitar music recklessly races with speedy riffs and crashes forth with crusty leads. The melodic picking is often adjoined to a heavier undercurrent of thrash chords. They do display distinctive bay area influences, but they're able to instantaneously crossover into ornamental ambiances like Kreator and Necronomicon (GER) play. Living a lie is hyped up and intense, with rough ass yelling. It shreds faster than a runaway train and is played with concussive headbanging force. This is an impressive musical composition with an obvious European flair. The lyrics seem to portray human life as a constant battle, which may or may not be worth the effort.

The bass lines are played rapidly at the heavier end of the note spectrum, with the impact of being slammed into a brick wall. It adds some powerful thrust to the guitar solos and some coarseness to the crusty thrash textures. Awake the Riot - the Final War thrashes like crazy, with incredible riff shifting, and hyperactive shredding. Bay area styled guitar licks are thrown in from time to time. There is a hell of a lot of action in this short ass, two and a half minute song. The lyrics seem to be inciting people to mercilessly kill their hated enemies.

All cylinders are hitting with high speed flickering drum beats, during the episodes of high octane thrash. The melodic beat patterns often rival the melodies of the stringed instruments. The emphatic double bass drum blast beats punctuate the ferocious thrash compositions with exclamation points. Nico Remann from Dust Bolt and Raeph Glicken from Black Anvil, are probably the best thrash drummers that I've heard so far this year. Worlds Built to Deceive sports some curved structures, then jumps into some intense thrash chops. The fast ass drumming adds a lot of character and contributes to the overall energy. The lyrics are about the alleged deception of the dominant powers for their own greedy gain.

Awake the Riot is headbanging as fuck, showing off some emerging new talent, with a lot of youthful energy. They thrash with a ferocity that's harder to come by today and can be compared to some of the best eighties thrash. Exodus styled guitar leads are scattered through about half of the tracks. The songs have a lot of punch and kick, but after a while they don't grab you the same way. The melodies seem to be jumbled and fabricated versions of the ones on the previous songs. Many contemporary thrash bands have taken classic influences and fixated them into their own style. The most common instances that I've noticed are of the Metallica, Slayer, and Exodus clones. Dust Bolt isn't exactly a copycat band and I think that their style sounds like a hybrid of bay area and German thrash.

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