Avenged Sevenfold

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Band Name Avenged Sevenfold
Album Name Avenged Sevenfold
Type Album
Released date 26 October 2007
Music StyleMelodic Metal
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1. Critical Acclaim 05:15
2. Almost Easy 03:54
3. Scream 04:50
4. Afterlife 05:51
5. Gunslinger 04:11
6. Unbound (the Wild Ride) 05:11
7. Brompton Cocktail 04:12
8. Lost 05:01
9. A Little Piece of Heaven 08:02
10. Dear God 06:33
11. Almost Easy (Jam-Along Version) 03:55
12. Bat Country (Live at Hammerstein Ballroom) 06:04
13. Crossroads 04:30
Bonustrack (Japanese Release)
11. Almost Easy (Live) 03:52
Total playing time 53:11

Review @ Vinrock666

18 August 2008
Avenged Sevenfold's self-titled 2007 album is a very mature blend of many colors, elements and styles making the overall feel of this work a sort of alternative heavy metal rock and roll.

Although, aggressive rhythms are present ("Critical Acclain" is perhaps the best example from start to end, but any song that features a guitar solo does so with a heavy metallic backgrop), a lot of this record ventures more towards tempos other than fast and hard. What's great about this approach is not just merely the embracing feel of this direction, but that these new whisky-smooth concoctions retain and maintain its sharp edge as a result.

"Lost" blares out a great horn section and features a duet with a female guest voice.
"Afterlife" sports a string section, and "Unbound (The Wild Ride)" not only throws in a little piano into the mix, but also adds a group of background vocalists so large that it nears choir-like status.
All of these songs come off sounding better for it.
"Gunslinger" and "Dear God" (the "aawww" ballad of the album) are probably the two songs that benefit most from these additives, this time by way of accoustic and slide guitar.

Don't be fooled ; however, by the "Gunslinger" title. A wonderful work of art here, the motif is actually a metaphor heralding fidelity - the idea that M.Shadows has stayed faithful on the road by keeping his gun in his holster. Actually, to bring up the lyrical aspects of "AX7" the ideas expressed on most of these songs are of a mature and sound mind, being careful not to be preachy (again, in "Critical Acclaim") but offering an honest point of view worthy of respect. The music of the album is parallel to these thoughts even to the core of AX7's playing style.
The theme of each song is driven more from the bass than the rhythm guitar even though none of the music is bass-driven.

Rather, what this approach does accomplish is shine a light on the high end parts.
"Lost" starts out with featured melodic lead that doesn't dissipate when the rest of the band jumps in.
"Almost Easy" is perhaps a better example with an ascending lead fill between the verses. Even the melodic choruses shine more because Shadows and the boys aren't competing for your attention.
"Avenged Sevenfold" does feature a masterpiece and it's "A Little Piece Of Heaven". Not only is everything afformentioned showcased here, but the level to which this composition accomplishes is so sky high.

An all emcompassing song in an all emcompassing album, "Avenged Sevenfold" is a very satisfying work of Sunset California Strip steak heavy metal.

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Kherax - 14 July 2011: This is one of thier best album's in my opinion. The review was very helpful and extremely spot on, thanks!
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