Apocalyptic Feasting

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Band Name Brain Drill
Album Name Apocalyptic Feasting
Type Album
Released date 05 February 2008
Music StyleTechnical Death
Members owning this album118


1. Gorification 03:53
2. The Parasites 03:24
3. Apocalyptic Feasting 03:41
4. Swine Slaughter 03:10
5. Forcefed Human Shit 01:31
6. Consumed by the Dead 03:18
7. Revelation 03:44
8. Bury the Living 04:13
9. The Depths of Darkness 03:54
10. Sadistic Abductive 04:19
Total playing time 35:07

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Brain Drill

Review @ Crinn

19 December 2011

Technical death at its finest!

[Originally posted July 27, 2011]

I don’t know where I first heard about Brain Drill…I think they might have been on an event poster taped to a sign post in downtown Seattle when I was visiting the Pike Place Market. Anyways, I saw the name and obviously recognized it to be some really brutal death metal band. But I didn’t check them out until about a year later to find that they’re one of the most technical and complex bands out there. I also found out that they are a lot more popular than I originally thought. But aside from that, a band cannot impress me with technicality and complexity alone. These guys have proved to have unique songs that aren’t repetitive, that are high on the brutality scale, and that never cease to disappoint.

I’m not too knowledgeable about this group, but I do know that they have a very well known vocalist that has appeared on Metal Injection several times and is really funny. He is one of the very few death metal vocalists that can growl and scream perfectly. If you want to get an idea of what I’m getting at, listen to “The Depths of Darkness”. His growl is somewhat deep but very powerful and smooth, and his scream is very high-pitched and gut wrenching. Let’s just hope that he’s not doing his vocals the wrong way and eventually end up like Mitch Lucker and Chris Barnes.

If you were to ask me who these guys could relate to, I would say that they have a sound that can relate to Origin, Decrepit Birth, The Faceless of Maya, and Dying Fetus. Brain Drill is one of those tech death bands that have a lot of those high-pitched complicated guitar parts. The good thing is that it’s not constant. They also have one of the better bassists of modern death metal. I can definitely compare him to the bassist that was with The Faceless when they recorded Planetary Duality. Listen to “Bury the Living” and you’ll see that he’s fucking amazing.

The lyrical content of this band is actually pretty unique amongst the majority of other technical death bands out there. You will often find a lot of science fiction themed lyrics in the genre, some examples of bands that use that theme are Origin, The Faceless, Decrepit Birth, and Embryonic Devourment. You can probably guess Brain Drill’s main theme just by their name. Their lyrics are very gore oriented with lots of apocalyptic-styled stories of destruction and downfalls of the human race. Their most recent album, Quantum Catastrophe has less of the gore elements and more of the apocalyptic elements.

I would have to say that my favorite song off this extremely technical album would have to be “The Depths of Darkness”. I can see some deathcore elements seeping into this song, mainly in the vocal section. I’m also a fan of “The Parasites”, which is one of the songs where the band’s ability to stay together and on-time really stands out. So overall, this is an extremely technical and brutal album that I would recommend to just about any fans of technical music. I would give this album 16/20.

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Negan - 15 February 2015: Trop de technique : tue la technique...les premières écoutes semblent sympathique mais la lassitude voir la saturation arrive vite ! Ici trop de déballage à mon gout , le Death peut etre technique avec de la retenue cf. Necrophagist, Decrepit Birth..
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