Anti Quran Rituals

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Band Name Seeds Of Iblis
Album Name Anti Quran Rituals
Type Album
Released date 22 February 2013
Music StyleBlack Metal
Members owning this album8


1. From Mecca to Jahannam
2. Qamar (Islamic Lies Part 1)
3. 72 Virgins
4. Behind the Horns of Allah
5. The Prophecy of Rape
6. Qabr (Islamic Lies Part 2)
7. Islamophobia
8. Sura 9
9. Allah Is Dead

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Seeds Of Iblis

Comment @ bloodydesolation

23 November 2013

Anti Islamic Black Metal

Female fronted anti Islamic black metal coming from Baghdad Iraq. A band that has produced controversy and mystery. The album has mid-eastern style influences. Aggressive and raw, Anti Quran Rituals leaves no doubt what Seeds of Iblis is all about.

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