Anti-God, Anti-Christ

Band's List Death Black Acheron (USA) Anti-God, Anti-Christ
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Band Name Acheron (USA)
Album Name Anti-God, Anti-Christ
Type Album
Released date 1996
Music StyleDeath Black
Members owning this album37


1. Fuck the Ways of Christ 07:46
2. Shemhamforash (The Ultimate Blasphemy) 05:39
3. Blessed by Damnation 06:20
4. Baptism for Devlyn Alexandra 05:45
5. Total War (NON cover) 06:02
Total playing time 31:32
Bonustracks (LP Version by Merciless Records)
6. Ave Satanas (1996 Version) 03:39
7. Blessed by Damnation (Live) 04:49
Total playing time 40:00

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