Altered Genesis

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Band Name Blood Red Throne
Album Name Altered Genesis
Type Album
Released date 21 February 2005
Music StyleDeath Metal
Members owning this album153


1. Death to Birth 02:40
2. Incarnadine Mangler 03:43
3. Tortured Soul Appearance 04:52
4. Eye-Licker 04:01
5. Mephitication 04:37
6. Arterial Lust 04:55
7. Flesh to Destroy 03:46
8. Ripsaw Resentment 04:24
9. Altered Genesis 05:41
10. Smite 03:51
11. State of Darkness 03:50
12. Deliberate Carnage 03:42
Total playing time 50:02

Review @ ratsnickers

30 June 2009
This is the third full-length release by Blood Red Throne and their first for Earache and the first time I have had the pleasure of sampling their wares.
Surprisingly since they contain a famous black metal personality in their ranks (Tchort - ex. Emperor, Carpathisn Forest & Green Carnation - not that GC are black metal) they play death metal, and not the European style either but the down-tuned brutal 'Floridian' beast.
This is not my favorite style of death metal as it tends to be boring and same-y to my ears, however this release has a lot more going for it than most.
Unfortunately this style has a tendency to be restrictive and very few bands break out of recording the same tune over and over but Blood Red Throne have a lot more versitality than most and this is one of the most creative death metal albums I have heard in a long, long time.
The guitar delivery is treble-y abrasive and it's nice to be able to hear the bass in the mix too, but the driving force of this release is the pounding but oh so fast drums,
not content with the usual boring death metal patterns there is real variety in the rhythm section.
Earache seem to be collecting an ensemble of who's who in modern death metal (Deicide, Usurper & Hate Eternal for example) and BRT are definately a welcome addition to their roster.
If you enjoy brutal death then this is definately for you as it wipes the floor with other recent releases in the scene.
Oh by the way there are a couple of gimmicks to this release, each of the twelve tracks are actually made up of several tracks (Opener 'Death to birth' is actually tracks 1-7 for instance) there are 99 in total and also the cd itself has been made to look like a record (label, titles, grooves & all), pretty cool stuff!!


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