A Matter of Life and Death

Band's List NWOBHM Iron Maiden (UK-1) A Matter of Life and Death
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Band Name Iron Maiden (UK-1)
Album Name A Matter of Life and Death
Type Album
Released date 25 August 2006
Recorded at Sarm Studios
Music StyleNWOBHM
Members owning this album1363


 Different Worlds
 These Colours Don't Run
 Brighter Than a Thousand Suns
 The Pilgrim
 The Longest Day
 Out of the Shadows
 The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg
 For the Greater Good of God
 Lord of Light
 The Legacy

Total playing time: 01:11:52

Comment @ TJKill

29 April 2007
And finally, after three long years, Iron Maiden has realesed an album worthy of this delay. This album, like many others from the MaidEn, has produced several amazing phEnomEnons such as The Pilgrim or Different World. Another hit of a band that seems to be an Endless pit of sEnsation and that will never cease to amaze its audiEnce. Although I already knew this famous band and famliliare whith their works, I was simply blown away whEn they played These Colours Don't Run Live.

Every aspect of this album is outstanding. Powerful guitar ruffs accompanied by amazing solos make it a beauty to all guitarits, and a loud bass gives it a pure metal vibe.

It seems that we have here another jewel of the Mighty MaidEn, one that will surely mark other albums to come, and not just from the same band, but for all others that wish to rival with Iron Maiden or evEn come close to the wonders they have acheived. This is another marvel of the Metal world that proves that this British band will remain a legEnd of Metal. A superb piece of sonic supremacy that should be owned by everyone that ehishes to be considered a Metal Fan. 19/20(and bloody well deserved)

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