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Band Name Lamb Of God
Album Name Wrath
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 23 Februar 2009
Musik GenreMetalcore
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen465


 The Passing
 In Your Words
 Set to Fail
 Fake Messiah
 Broken Hands
 Dead Seeds
 Everything to Nothing
 Choke Sermon

 We Die Alone (UK and Japanese Releases)
 Shoulder of Your God (UK and Japanese Releases)
 Condemn the Hive (UK and Japanese Releases)

Total playing time: 59:31

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Review @ LeviathanIsGodofMeta

30 März 2009
Lamb of God's new album, Wrath, has been out for about a month now; I've had plenty of time to listen to and evaluate it. It's not quite as immediate as any of their other albums, but it does return to the brutal glory days of New American Gosepel and As the Palaces Burn. I remember back in 2004, when LOG's album Ashes of the Wake came out. At first, legions of hardcore fans despised LOG for signing to Epic. But when they actually listened to the album, they realized nothing had changed. Lamb of God had gotten a better production, and not much else had changed. Come 2006's Sacrament album, however, things changed a bit. Lamb of God's leads had gotten slightly more melodic, Randy had adopted a pseudo-melodic growl for a few moments, and they had stepped up production to a fault. It felt like LOG had gone mechanical. The riffs were there, the writing was there, but the brutality, power, and emotion were missing.

Enter Wrath. This album goes back to the bands roots, and is much heavier than Sacrament. All the worries are gone. Yes, Randy still has melodic moments, but this time around, they actually fit with the songs, like on "In Your Words" and "Set to Fail".

The production is suitably heavy and brutal this time. The guitars have a thick crunch, and on the Pantera-style grooves, they feel incredibly powerful and really hit you hard. "Contractor" is an immediate highlight, reminding you of the Burn The Priest song "Resurrection #9", with its fast and slow, crunching parts.

As mentioned before, this album takes a bit more time to sink in than the others. The songs aren't as instantly memorable, but it's for a reason. At first I was upset that Wrath lacked the memorable choruses (save for "Contractor"'s "GUARAN-F*CKING-TEED!" and the instant riffs a la "Ruin" or "Laid to Rest". Then I realized that Wrath was built as a collective album this time, and not as a collection of brutal songs. And it works. As time wore on, also, I got those things-the choruses and riffs are there, just you have to pay attention to get them right away.

This is the album Lamb of God needed to make at this point in their career. People complained of their same-sounding albums and Sacrament's overly accessible sound, and with Wrath, Lamb of God have fixed those issues. It still sounds like Lamb of God, but now it's a more mature sounding band. This is what we were all waiting for. Buy it, because it's awesome. Guaran-f*cking-teed.

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SniffHeinkel - 30 März 2009: I do love this CD even though its not as "brutal" I guess as Ashes Of The Wake Or Sacrament(my favorite).I love the Bible bashing lyrics^^
BleedTheBlind - 22 September 2009: Gotta say. I kinda disagree. I found the album memorable from start to finish. Songs like "Broken Hands", "Dead Seeds" and "Burning Sermon" hit you like a brick. It certainly inspired wrath. And also. I never found "Sacrament" to have anything missing. I can't fault any of LOG's albums. True pioneers of consistency is what they are. Respect!
metalmaniac666 - 02 Dezember 2009: this is one of the best extreme metal albums of all time. i have the producer edition of this album where i can listen to the drums, guitars, vocals, bass separately. trust me, if u listen to it, you'll love this album 1o times more! Pure brilliance by this band. Every single song is a slap in the face. One hour of pure headbanging glory! Wrath will only propel Lamb Of God higher and higher as one of the very best metal bands on earth.
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