Where Evil Lies Dormant

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Band Name Satanic Impalement
Album Name Where Evil Lies Dormant
Type Compilation
Erscheinungsdatum 06 April 2013
Musik GenreBlack Metal
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1. Crucified Genocide
2. Satan’s Realm
3. Legions Bring Thousands of Deaths
4. Feasting on the Impaled
5. Tornadoes of Fire
6. Ritualistic Slaughter
7. Seven Year Reign
8. Slave to the Fallen Angel
9. Ice and Fire
10. Whore of Hell
11. Damnation of the Holy Creation
12. Preacher of Suicide
13. Preacher of Suicide
14. Tortured on the Cross
15. Frost Cold Funeral
16. Death Winds
17. Iced Grave
18. Witch’s Night

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Satanic Impalement