Vol 3: The Subliminal Verses

Liste der Bands Thrash Neo Slipknot (USA-1) Vol 3: The Subliminal Verses
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Band Name Slipknot (USA-1)
Album Name Vol 3: The Subliminal Verses
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 25 Mai 2004
Produced by Rick Rubin
Recorded at The Mansion
Musik GenreThrash Neo
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen1265


Re-Issue in 2005 by Roadrunner Records with a second disc included.
1. Prelude 3.0 03:57
2. The Blister Exists 05:19
3. Three Nil 04:48
4. Duality 04:12
5. Opium of the People 03:12
6. Circle 04:22
7. Welcome 03:15
8. Vermilion 05:16
9. Pulse of the Maggots 04:19
10. Before I Forget 04:38
11. Vermilion Pt.2 03:44
12. The Nameless 04:28
13. The Virus of Life 05:25
14. Danger – Keep Away 03:13
Bonustrack (Japanese Edition)
15. Scream 04:31
DISC 2 (Special Edition)
1. Don't Get Close 03:47
3. Vermilion (Terry Date Mix) 05:25
4. Danger – Keep Away (Full-Length Version) 07:55
5. The Blister Exists (Live) 05:21
6. Three Nil (Live) 04:57
7. Disasterpiece (Live) 05:25
8. People = Shit (Live) 03:54

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Kommentar @ Vermilion_Angel

01 Oktober 2011

This album shows the listener how talented Slipknot are...

Vol 3: The Subliminal Verses is by far my favourite Slipknot album. The songs on the record show how much talent Slipknot have as a band, and also as individuals. Listening to the record makes me realise how far Slipknot have come since their first album (self-titled) back in 1999. The band experiment a lot more than they did back then, by adding more melodies, acoustic songs and guitar parts, as well as their usual heavy music.

The drum parts, played by Joey Jordison, show off how talented he is. His use of double bass shines in just the right places, and compliments the bass lines of Paul Gray. Mick Thomson and Jim Root's guitar solos (which have never been used before in other Slipknot records) bring the other instruments to life, and also show the listener how talented they are. The percussion, samples and the DJ add to the intensity of the record. Corey Taylor experiments with his vocals in the more acoustic songs (Vermilion Pt. 2, Circle, Danger - Keep Away) by singing melodies, not just screaming.

The fact that the nine members of the band that make Slipknot have stayed together since their first album shows you the love that they have for eachother and what they do, which means that this album isn't put on, it's genuine music. The lyrics written by the band are true - they describe exactly how they feel and the emotion they put into playing their instruments is very noticable.

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