Tribe of Force

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Band Name Van Canto
Album Name Tribe of Force
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 24 Februar 2010
Musik GenreMelodic Power
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen77


1. Lost Forever 04:40
2. To Sing a Metal Song 03:24
3. One to Ten (ft. Victor Smolski) 04:06
4. I Am Human 03:56
5. My Voice 05:30
6. Rebellion (ft. Chris Boltendahl) 04:05
7. Last Night of the Kings 03:52
8. Tribe of Force 03:17
9. Water. Fire. Heaven. Earth. 03:32
10. Master of Puppets (Metallica Cover) 08:23
11. Magic Taborea 03:22
12. Hearted (ft. Tony Kakko) 04:00
13. Frodo's Dream 03:06
Total playing time 55:19

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Review @ darknessguide

22 Februar 2010
The third full-length effort “Tribe of Force” is the brightest highlight up to date in the discography of the German A-capella power metallers Van Canto. The band worked really hard on this one and the great attention and touch they put into it can be easily heard on each of the 13 new compositions.

The most important thing is that in contrast with its predecessors, there are only two cover tracks on “Tribe of Force”: the first one is the well-known “Rebellion (The Clans Are marching)” of Grave Digger on which Chris Boltendahl himself takes the vocal lead. The second is based on the worldwide classic “Master of Puppets” – after hearing this interpretation of Van Canto, one seriously starts to think these guys are capable of covering every song out there, for the artistic touch they implicated through their own prismatic point of view is something exquisitely remarkable which must be heard by all means.
The other material is strictly authors work, only this time there are particular guitar solos here and there and not only vocal imitation of the instruments. Victor Smolski from Rage participates with his skills in “One To Ten”, the other guest is Sonata Arctica’s Tony Kakko who sings beautifully on “Hearted”. There are songs that inevitably remind of other bands – “I Am Human” and “Frodo’s Dream” will make all Falconer fans fall in love with the album. The entire record is more dynamic and diverse than its two predecessors, and by far more perfected and musically grinded. There are almost too many highlights, but among those which really aim for the listener’s heart are “Lost Forever” and “To Sing A Metal Song” with their power metal spirit, “Last Night of The Kings” with its Blind Guardian mood and the Nightwish influenced “Water. Fire. Heaven. Earth.” which is composed and performed with first-class female vocal appearance.

If you're in for a stylish vocal demonstration, Van Canto's "Tribe of Force" is the perfect guide. Provisional, perfectly composed and performed, one of a kind. Out now and ready to enchant every metal fan.

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deathey - 25 Februar 2010: +6 from 10... nice review...
darknessguide - 25 Februar 2010: Thanks, I'm glad you found it helpful :)
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