The Principle of Doubt (Ambition)

Liste der Bands Technical Thrash Mekong Delta The Principle of Doubt (Ambition)
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Band Name Mekong Delta
Album Name The Principle of Doubt (Ambition)
Type Compilation
Erscheinungsdatum 2005
Musik GenreTechnical Thrash
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen8


1. Sphere Eclipse
2. Transgressor
3. True Lies
4. Confession of Madness
5. Interludium
6. Dance on a Volcano
7. Toccata
8. I, King, Will Come
9. Dreaming
10. The Cure
11. Night on a Bare Mountain
1. Innocent
2. Without Honour
3. Sabre Dance
4. Curse of Reality
5. Twilight Zone
6. Heroes Grief
7. Memories of Tomorrow
8. The Healer
9. The Principle of Doubt
10. Heartbeat
11. The Hut of Baba Yaga