The Landing

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Band Name Iron Savior
Album Name The Landing
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 18 November 2011
Labels AFM Records
Musik GenreMelodic Power
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen76


1. Descending
2. The Savior
3. Starlight
4. March of Doom
5. Heavy Metal Never Dies
6. Moment in Time
7. Hall of the Heroes
8. R. U. Ready
9. Faster Than All
10. Before the Pain
11. No Guts No Glory
12. Coming Home
13. Atlantis Falling
Bonustrack (Japanese Edition)
14. Underneath the Radar (Underworld Cover)

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Iron Savior

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Review @ Dr.Feelgood

30 Januar 2012

Power Metal Needs Its Ger(man)!

It is the first time in these 14 years of Iron Savior’s life that they had four years to release something new after their last of 2007 Megatropolis and to show too that they are still alive even if we knew that our beloved musician Mr. Piet Sielk during those last four years had obligations with Savage Circus. Now, what did Iron Savior manage through The Landing, did they attempt anything new or did they keep on moving in middle levels, just like in their previous releases?

Actually, if you are looking for new situations in power metal then Iron Savior are not what you are thinking of, on the other side in The Landing Piet did something that really made me be glad about and this is that he stopped writing riffs that are an imitation of Judas Priest riffs, as he had used from Unification to Megatropolis. This is not something bad or annoying for me, but above all the most important for a band is to produce a personal identity and so Iron Savior they good morning with “The Savior”, a song that places everything where exactly they should be. A smart riff, a melodic chorus with a rhythm section behind it, of the old, good German cut. They do care to continue even better; they start taking off more than before and there you are with “Starlight”, a song that definitely will make the old fans remember with pleasure the legendary days of the ‘90s and the new fans learn what german power metal is; speed – power – melody, double drumming and here we go!

The album sounds 100% like Iron Savior, but there are some parts through some songs like “March Of Doom” and “Moment In Time” where you listen a little bit from Blind Guardian and Helloween (Walls Of Jericho era), but they are always covered by the authenticity of the personal sound of the band and do no tell me that you do not like it! Besides, this is something physical for me because Piet was behind Helloween and Blind Guardian in their first days, well he is not responsible for the path of each band, but he was jointly responsible for the sound of both of them and if there are people out there who do not believe me then go and check it.

Apart from the fathers of power metal, Iron Savior borrow some elements from another great band, which sowed fruits for the birth of power metal, Accept. Through the fastest “R.U. Ready” and the simple heavy “Heavy metal Never Dies” the band pays tribute to the teutons with respect to edge, despite the multi – used lyric parts, which theme if it goes on being used and by other bands, it may be boring in the end. There is also and the must power ballad “Before The Pain” in which you can hear the well improved voice of Piet.

The album is completed with the catchiest song in the history of the band according to me, “No Guts, No Glory”. A catchy title for a beautiful song like that we miss the chance to hear in nowadays. We used to hear songs like this from Gamma Ray in their beginning and we did not pay attention to anything else.
The Landing satisfies me enough, much more from the rest Iron Savior albums except their debut, which is a landmark album for the band. Also, in The Landing we have the chance to face the professionalism of Piet on the production, everything sounds perfectly. Guys, who used to hear them it is time you checked them again, the others can listen other things.

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