The Human Machine

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Band Name Master (USA)
Album Name The Human Machine
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 26 April 2010
Musik GenreDeath Metal
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen36


1. The Human Machine
2. It's What Your Country Can Do for You
3. Twisted Truth
4. True Color
5. Suppress Free Thinking
6. A Replica of Invention
7. Faceless Victims Expelled
8. Worship the Sun
9. The Lack of Space
10. Impale to Kill

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Review @ Demogorefest

28 August 2010
To be honest, i've never been into Master too much (something about their style just never suited me). Their new album is a decent release, but nothing too groundbreaking or surprising. The Human Machine has several great tracks on it nonetheless, (mainly the first 2 songs, "The Human Machine" and "It's what your country can do for you") but i'm not sure why i gave this album a 17/20. i'd like to switch that vote down to a 14/20.
I don't mean to trash the band in anyway, Master has been a name within the death metal community for about 25 years, and judging by the sound of their 10th studio album, The Human Machine, they aren't exactly planning on putting down their instruments anytime soon, most of the tracks on the album have a Political edge to them, which is a bit of a change in style for most death metal bands, songs like "It's what your Country can do for you" have a deeper meaning than most old school death metal songs, which solely focus on gore, horror, violence, and the occasional satanic Ritual. And although this is Master's 10th album, it still has a distinctly old, and "crunchy" feel to it, as if i'm listening to something that should have been released in 1994; which is both a good and bad thing in my opinion, it brings back the old school vibes, but at the same time, it's almost a bit too nostalgic for my taste.
Of all the releases to slip through my hands this year, The Human Machine is one that i just happened to stumble upon one day, it's about as average as it gets really, the first 2 tracks on the album are excellent, but the rest of the album just kind of speeds by without much change in pace. and their vocalist has alot of John Tardy-ness in his vocal sound, it's not exactly an Obituary replica, but there's not much unique-ness to it. His voice hasn't changed much in the last 2 and a half decades, which i suppose is a good thing, if you're a fan of that style.
To me, the pictures of the band that i've seen so far remind of a "Death Metal ZZ Top", Master is a trio, and 2 of their members have similar beard styles to those of the two in ZZ Top, its probably just a strange coincidence, but i thought i'd throw that bit of trivia in there for the hell of it.
If you're a fan of Master's previous works, then The Human Machine will probably be no disappointment to you, i'm rather indifferent to this album, it didn't really keep my interest, but i wasn't really turned off by it either. I'm sort of in a "Heavy Metal Limbo" over this album.

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