The Fathomless Mastery

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Band Name Bloodbath (SWE)
Album Name The Fathomless Mastery
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 06 Oktober 2008
Recorded at Ghost Ward
Musik GenreDeath Metal
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen359


Re-Issue in 2011 by Peaceville Records with the Ep Unblessing the Purity.
1. At the Behest of Their Death
2. Process of Disillumination
3. Slaughter the Will to Live
4. Mock the Cross
5. Treasonous
6. Iesous
7. Drink from the Cup of Heresy
8. Devouring the Feeble
9. Earthrot
10. Hades Rising
11. Wretched Human Mirror
Bonustracks (Re-Issue 2011)
12. Blasting the Virginborn
13. Weak Aside
14. Sick Salvation
15. Mouth of Empty Praise

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Review @ CLucker666

07 September 2012

Pretty solid death metal

Bloodbath is what you would call a straight up death metal band. They give you nasty horrific lyrics and they are heavy as hell. The only vocals they use are deep growls performed by Mikael Akerfeldt(most known for his other band Opeth." Well just the fact that he is Opeth's vocalist pretty much ensured this band to go somewhere. But not only the name got them big. You will see in this album and the previous one that they mean business. Well I move on to the specific parts that make this a solid album.

Well one, this album definitely has a lot more elements than the previous two. They show a ton of variety compared to the past. A lot of it is extremely catchy. My personal favorite song from it is Devouring the Feeble and that has to have the most catchy intro I have ever heard. It has kind of a slow chugging feel to it but not like a deathcore feel, more of a heavy ass slamming groove to it. After that intro it just goes into a fury of blast beats and intense guitar riffs that make you bang your head.

The vocals are just so heavy and I can honestly say they are some of the best death growls I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. If you are into any sort of metal. He never really uses high pitch screams but that is okay with me because I think his lows are so good that they fit perfectly the entire album. When it comes to this albums vocals there just is not really any room for improvement and that is really what I am trying to get through your head.

The guitars have a WAY better tone on this album then the first album. The first album had a buzzing noise to it and the production was much worse. Now they seem like they have gotten their production down perfect and they have a great sound going on. The guitars are not too low but they are still heavy. The riffs they have are so heavy that they do not even need much distortion or low tuning for it to sound crushing. If you really want to hear some bad ass riffs listen to the song Iesous. That is is another one of my favorites and the main riff is absolutely phenomenal.

The drums also have a great sound to them. Like most death metal they are insanely fast and they consist of tons of blasts. The snare has a great sound to it along with all them toms. The fills and blasts just sound a lot smoother then most. No not smooth as in less heavy, I just like the flow of it and the double bass is not extremely loud but it is kept sort of in the back to just add to the overall sound.

Well that is about all for this great release. If you are into any type of death metal then I recommend this album. All you Opeth fans who complained Heritage did not have enough growls, here is your substitute for when your in that heavy sort of mood. I gave this album a good 17/20 for being a great release but not being the most interesting album I have ever heard. Also the song Hades Rising which is the video below is an amazing song with a very strong riff to it. It will pretty much show you what this album will give you.

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