The Fall of Ideals

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Band Name All That Remains
Album Name The Fall of Ideals
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 11 Juli 2006
Musik GenreMetalcore
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen346


 This Calling
 Not Alone
 It Dwells in Me
 We Stand
 Whispers (I Hear Your)
 The Weak Willed
 Become the Catalyst
 The Air That I Breathe
 Empty Inside

 This Calling (Demo) (Japanese Release)

Total playing time: 42:39

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All That Remains

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Kommentar @ McLovinSkittlez

08 Dezember 2012

One of my favorite albums to date

Nowadays, All That Remains is notorious for getting very radio friendly, which is pissing a lot of their older fans off. The Fall of Ideals is my favorite album they've released, and is also one of my favorite metalcore albums to date. Phil's vocal range is extremely complex throughout the entire album. From mid-low growls to some ear-blistering screams, with a brief display of some decent pig squealing, which is very nice, and very unique in a metalcore album.

The Fall of Ideals was also All That Remains' last album that featured exceptional song structure. Overcome and For We Are Many were very boring, to say the least, to listen to. This album features amazing drumming, very catchy riffs, and it really is an amazing album. I can't remember if Shannon Lucas was still drumming in this album, but I'm pretty sure he was. Shannon is an absolute god on the drums. You may recognize the name from The Black Dahlia Murder as their current drummer, so if you've heard their stuff since 2007, you know how absolutely amazing he is, and I'm almost 100 % certain he was drumming during The Fall of Ideals. He puts so much emotion and power in his playing, and that's what you expect from your drummer, because if your drummer sucks, that's bad for the entire band, and Shannon is one of the best drummers in the game today.

Like mentioned before, Phil gives off an exceptional vocal range in this album. The only downfall is, he really cannot sing as good as it may seem. Other than that, he's a beast with the mic. His growls are very intense and brutal (especially Live) as well as his screams. When I saw them Live back during the time The Fall of Ideals was selling incredibly with Five Finger Death punch (before they followed All That Remains toward Radio-Land) I was absolutely blown away by how much power he put forth in his growls and screams. You could seriously feel it in the crowd! Also mentioned before, I was upset when he started singing one of the choruses, because it was just so much better on the album, giving me the notion that there's a lot of electronic help (although it's not AutoTune, so that's good). That doesn't really bother me too much, because of how astonishing his growls and screams are, especially in The Fall of Ideals.

The guitar-work in The Fall of Ideals is pretty great as well. Mike and OLiver really deLiver exceptionally throughout the entire record. The Fall of Ideals is their last album that featured actually good solos, and a couple nice solos in almost every song is very good to hear. The Fall of Ideals also doesn't have a ton of breakdowns, in fact I think every song there is at least one, but unlike Overcome (where they had like 3 or 4 very below-average breakdowns almost every song) this record features at least one amazing breakdown every song, and breakdowns are one thing listeners always pay attention to.

Overall, The Fall of Ideals is one of my favorite albums to date, let alone one of my top five metalcore albums of all time. If it weren't for Phil's average singing, it would easily get 20 out of 20, but I won't that influence my rating too much. The Fall of Ideals easily gets an 18/20.

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Crinn - 09 Dezember 2012: Make sure that the rating you actually gave the album is the same rating that's in your review.
McLovinSkittlez - 10 Dezember 2012: Yeah...I initially rated the album before I even knew that you could review albums and bad
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