Terrorist (Nekronaut Part I)

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Band Name Nattefrost
Album Name Terrorist (Nekronaut Part I)
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 20 Juni 2005
Musik GenreBlack Metal
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen116


1. Nekronaut (Cunt Cunt Gimme More) 03:28
2. Black Metal Suicide (Claws of Perdition) 02:11
3. Hellcommander 04:16
4. Terrorist 02:55
5. Merket for Helvete 02:15
6. Eine Kleine Arschmuzick 01:38
7. Satan Is Endless, Satan Is Timeless 01:37
8. Primitive Death 03:49
9. Goat Worship 05:17
10. Catapvltam Vrinam Philosophiam 00:48
11. Preteen Death Fuck 01:33
12. Dinsadansdjeveldyrkaar !!! 02:26
13. The Death of Nattefrost (Still Reaching for Hell Part II) 16:08
Total playing time 48:21

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Review @ CLucker666

21 Dezember 2011

Black Metal you could mosh to

This is the first time I have listened to Nattefrost. I was not sure what to think at first, but they started to grow on me a lot. They are a Norwegian Black Metal band so that gave me more inspiration to check them out. My favorite Black Metal is from Norway like Gorgoroth, Mayhem, and Darkthrone.

The main thing that is different about this band apart from other bands of the genre is the vocals. They are pretty good and you might not think that at first. It definitely took a few tracks for me to get use to them. They sound like Hellcommander is just yelling most of the time, but sometimes you have your ordinary black metal growl, which is not bad by any means. Overall they fit the album greatly and I think that ordinary vocals wouldn't have worked nearly as well.

The style of this band in my opinion should be changed to Thrash Black. The vocals are thrashy, the guitar riffs are thrashy, and they have some chorus parts in songs like Terrorist that makes the band sound more Thrash than Black. Maybe their other releases are Black Metal but I would have to say that there is for sure Thrash influence on this album.

What I thought was funny and kind of gross is that during the middle of the album on track six, the whole one minute and thirty six seconds was just a guy going to the bathroom with a jolly little song in the background while it sounded like he was having a hard time peeing. I have not heard anything like that in the genre which kind of grabbed my attention and honestly made me like the band even more just because of it. On track ten it is basically the same style of song with a guy coughing, but I do not think it was nearly as grabbing.

On track twelve there is a guy singing with an odd sounding voice, like he is almost trying to sound bad. I am not quite sure what language it is in, but it definitely is not English. It was probably my least favorite on the album. It just did not fit at all to me. I feel as if I would have enjoyed the album more without this track, so that is going to make this album lose a point. The last track of the album has a very confusing sound, it sort of sounds like a radio that has very bad reception or maybe a television. It also has horns in the background and an odd voice talking but you can't quite make out what it is saying. It is honestly a little bit creepy, but it was also sort of boring, so that is going to cost them another point. That goes on for at least 9 minutes and then the majority of the next 7 minutes is silence.

All in all it was a decent album and I will for sure give it a few more listens. I think it was a unique sounding album but unique does not always mean good. In this case it was not bad but was not spectacular. I rated this a 15/20.

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