Terror Regime

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Band Name Jungle Rot
Album Name Terror Regime
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 19 März 2013
Musik GenreDeath Metal
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen43


1. Voice Your Disgust 03:02
2. Terror Regime 03:55
3. Utter Chaos 02:50
4. I Am Hatred 03:43
5. Blind Devotion 03:21
6. Scorn 03:54
7. Rage Through the Wasteland 03:16
8. Ruthless Omnipotence 03:11
9. I Don't Need Society (D.R.I Cover) 01:40
10. Carpet Bombing 01:13
11. Pronounced Dead 04:28
Total playing time 34:33

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Jungle Rot

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Review @ VesselsOfBlood

29 April 2013

Warring Death Metal

With a name such as Jungle Rot, one should not expect the band associated with this moniker to offer any pleasant tunes. This is the case, as they are one of the larger names of the death metal genre. Their legendary timeline began in 1994 in Kenosha, Wisconsin. From there, the band released a rather large sleuth of records that would become staples for much of the death metal fan populace. Such releases included “Skin the Living” from and “What Horrors Await”. Later on in their career, the band took a controversial turn when they got signed to the infamous Victory Records, a label that also has dealt with bands such as Emmure and Wretched, and directly afterwards, the band released “Kill on Command,” which appeared to have received rather lukewarm criticism from both audiences and critics. However, in 2013, the band has returned to unleash their eighth full-length release to reinforce their name on the plaque of legendary death metal entitled “Terror Regime.” Hence the title of this album, Jungle Rot is out with eleven tracks to tear down brick walls and ravage on the battlefield.

The musicianship and production in “Terror Regime” both manage to hold up well. Starting off, the vocals are filled with traditional death metal growls, and they are uttered decently, although they do tend to sound a tad forced throughout. The guitars showcase some great solos and brutal riffs in between tracks, and they also stand their ground nicely in this release. The solos are played off at the right times, so the music can stay concentrated and not be a mere vessel of the musicians showing off. Along with that, the drum work is also great, possessing high speed and sounding rather simplistic yet quite potent thanks to the production. In regards to that, the sound production is also done well. It was executed by producer Chris Wisco, who had also mixed and mastered Jungle Rot’s previous release, “Kill on Command,” and he has done a great job in letting every element of musicianship stand out and gives the music a fittingly heavy atmosphere. Both the musicianship, which is as great as always for Jungle Rot, and the sound production lend themselves to being generally helpful in making this album at least worthwhile.

Terror Regime” is what can be expected for any record that Jungle Rot has put on the table in the past: Violent and unrelenting. Every single song on this release proceeds to crush its listeners with potent death metal fists, but at the same time, they manage to be quite distinct from each other while maintaining focus as a whole. There is also a lot of fast-paced speed within the onslaught, so it does lead to a lot of intensity to the music. Although there are not many slow moments that give the album a sense of heavy dynamic to underline the rapid-fire metal, there are instead some mid-paced parts, and they do serve as decent substitutes to help the record stay engaging. As a result, the album ends up as a nice soundtrack to a bloody and fiery battlefield loaded with bullets and tanks. Therefore, even old fans of the group should be able to find enjoyment here, even if this album’s violence is not necessarily as raw as that of its predecessors, as well as a great start for death metal newcomers. Although it is nothing groundbreaking in terms of the genre, Jungle Rot does represent why they are one of the kings of death metal today with this solid release of brutality and speed.

The lyrical content of “Terror Regime” involves what you would be expecting to see in both a Jungle Rot release and a record with a cover depicting a group of warring tanks: War, world corruption, and death. The lyrics are far from kind in terms of both themes and how they are written, fueled with pure hatred and rage. Even though they do occasionally fall into the trap of sounding a tad silly, with lines such as “Loathing is my friend, hear my war cry, I am hatred” from the track “I Am Hatred” and “I feel no pain and shed no tears, I’m feeding off your screams of fear” from “Scorn,” they do hold up well, and click together perfectly with the crudeness of the music itself, along with the explosive album artwork. Both are great to read and look at respectively, and thus prove to be positive points for this destructive release.

Terror Regime,” as stated earlier, is quite solid proof as to how Jungle Rot has been commonly referred to as one of the old kingpins of the death metal genre alongside others. On top of the great musicianship and sound production and mixing, the music is simply devastating in its attack. Utter brutality and velocity make this album very intense, even though there is enough dynamicity with rather slower moments to showcase dynamic and make the potent sound even more compelling. Overall, these things, mixed in with some decent lyrics and solid artwork, make way for this effort to be a very solid and pleasurable release, despite its minor slips and falls. As stated earlier, fans of the band’s older works will want to give this album a try, and, although there is nothing too innovative to go around, newcomers of the band and the death metal realm in general will have a nice place to start here, even if it’s not perfect. Like the tanks shown in the cover of this album, “Terror Regime” either blasts you on the spot or slowly crushes your bones as it runs you over; whichever is more pleasing to you.

Originally posted on: http://metaljerky.blogspot.com/

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