Set Sail to Mystery

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Band Name The Vision Bleak
Album Name Set Sail to Mystery
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum April 2010
Musik GenreSymphonic Dark
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen49


1. A Curse of the Grandest Kind
2. Descend into Maelstrom
3. I Dined with the Swans
4. A Romance with the Grave
5. The Outsider
6. Mother Nothingness (the Triumph of Ubbo Sathla)
7. The Foul Within
8. He Who Paints the Black of Night
1. I Dined with the Swans (ft. Niklas Kvarfoth)
2. By the Misery of Fate Ha Was Haunted (Master's Hammer Cover)
3. Descend into Maelstrom
4. Mother Nothingness
5. The Foul Within
6. I Dined with the Swans
7. A Farewell at Sea