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Band Name Totale Vernichtung
Album Name Ritualmordlegenden
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 27 Juni 2014
Musik GenreBlack Metal
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen4


1. Nuklearpogrom 04:39
2. Die Gasmaskenbildner 03:55
3. In Grauenhaft 05:22
4. Massengrablied 04:14
5. Alles Geht Wieder mit Rechten Dingen zu 05:40
6. Sturm aus dem Rauchfang 05:05
7. Das Letzte Zertretene Glas 03:46
8. Theologischer Genozid 06:34
Total playing time 39:15

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Totale Vernichtung

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Review @ winterdemon

15 Februar 2016

Ready for the third austrian strike ??

Ritualmordlegenden is the third released album from the great Austrian Black Metal Band Totale Vernichtung. This Album was released from the most famous german underground lable Darker Than Black Records. Ritualmordlegenden includes seven songs and each of them has this own special kind of humor and provocation which we all love I guess.

The whole album was recorded by Antimessiah and mixed and mastered in Abgrund-Tonstudio in Berlin. With Ritualmordlegenden did Totale Vernichtung keep their style that they have true and changed nothing on the sound and style of the Band. The voice of Antimessiah is still strong, raw and deep as in the former years of Totale Vernichtung.

The Song Die Gasmaskenbildner start with this typical slow and fast changing part for me, it sounds a little bit like the early Darkthrone years and the tone of the most famous Album A Blaze in the Northern Sky. Sturm aus dem Rauchfang translated in german means Storm from the flue is a song which have this own special riff and when you once hear this guitar riff you never forget it so fast again and like I said it before, you hear the special Darkthrone part again in the middle of the song.

I think the last release Feuerbestattung opened Totale Vernichtung and Antimessiah a new public and spectrum of fans world wide and I also think the big promotion of the Bands lable Darker than Black Records helped the Band to get famous within the european scene. It is a little a pity that Antimessiah, the man behind Totale Vernichtung do not play live and I guess a lot of fans and people would be really like to see them live. Antimessiah himself has also enough work to do with the othter Bands in that he play and Vicarivs Filii Dei and Rostorchester are only two of his main projects.

So the last and final words i have to say to Ritualmordlegenden are: Its a very strong and dignified Album release with this own for Totale Vernichtung typical kind of black and sarcastic humor and very funny kind of german playing and handel with words. And I have to say it is a must-have for everyone who want's to hear something new from austria's underground Black Metal scene. Hope we hear something about a new album of Antimessiah and Totale Vernichtung in the next years and may it be so good and raw again like Ritualmordlegenden which I forgot to say that it mean in german translated Ritualmurder-legends.

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