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Band Name Whitechapel (USA)
Album Name Recorrupted
Type EP
Erscheinungsdatum 08 November 2011
Recorded at The Sound Lair
Musik GenreDeathcore
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen41


1. Section 8 04:26
2. Strength Beyond Strength (Pantera Cover) 03:47
3. Breeding Violence (Big Chocolate Remix) 02:52
4. This Is Exile (Ben Weinman Remix) 03:15
5. End of Flesh (Acoustic Version) 04:19
Total playing time 18:39

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Review @ CLucker666

14 Dezember 2011

Kind of disappointing

Recorrupted is Whitechapel's 2011 EP. When I heard Whitechapel was releasing a new EP, by instinct I pre-ordered it. I thought it was going to be a heavy Deathcore album, that I could really get into. I was somewhat wrong.

The album is composed of one actual Whitechapel song and it is very good. The riffs are powerful, the vocals are deeper than ever and amazing like always, and the breakdowns are very heavy. It's a classic Whitechapel song and probably some of their best work yet. After that there is a Pantera cover(Strength Beyond Strength). It is pretty good, definitely sounds like a Pantera cover, and is an all out good song. It is well thought out and I think it's great that modern age bands still respect the classics. Then again, who doesn't like Pantera?

The part of this EP I didn't care for at all were the Big Chocolate and Ben Weinman remixes. They remixed two songs. Breeding Violence and This Is Exile. I think the whole dubstep thing is way too overrated and trendy. The songs were dull and boring, it was not Whitechapel at all. If the album wasn't five dollars, I would have definitely sent it back. Also I really didn't care for the acoustic version of End of Flesh. It was really good for an acoustic song. But when does Whitechapel ever play acoustic songs? I just feel like after hearing that Whitechapel is going to turn into a sellout band, even though they are already mainstream for a Deathcore band.

At least there are the first two tracks that are worth listening to. Section 8 is definitely a great song. So I still have a lot of hope for Whitechapel in the future. Hopefully they will lay off the dubstep, acoustic songs, and stick to bone crushing Deathcore.

Well the only reason I'm rating this as high as I am, is because of section 8, and Strength Beyond Strength. So 15/20. Below is a video of the song Section 8, definitely worth a listen.

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TheKreator - 14 Dezember 2011: I just feel like after hearing that Whitechapel is going to turn into a sellout band, even though they're already mainstream.

Have you ever heard a Whitechapel song on radio recently?
Did you see them selling more than 20 000 000 albums this year?
It's just an acoustic song dude, does it mean they're already mainstream like Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber? This is pretty stupid actually.
CLucker666 - 14 Dezember 2011: They are one of the most mainstream deathcore bands, why would I refer to lady gaga when I'm talking about lady gaga?? Mainstream doesn't mean bad... An I I meant the dubstep mixes not the acoustic song
CLucker666 - 22 Dezember 2011: When I'm talking about whitechapel*
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Review @ Unicorn88

20 Dezember 2011

If you love Whitechapel, Recorrupted will disappoint...

Whitechapel is definitely one of the better Deathcore bands, as you can hear in their 3 full-length albums. If you're a real Whitechapel fan, this album will be like a punch to the gut.

Phil Bozeman is an amazing vocalist but I think he definitely fell flat in this EP. All growls, no highs. A semi-spoken word part in Section 8 that sticks out like a sore thumb, due to its lack of feeling and originality. The vocals in Strength Beyond Strength was better, but still lacked the energy that Phil Bozeman usually has in his vocals. Pretty Disappointing for Phil Bozeman, but it'd still be pretty good. If it were a vocalist that lacks the potential Phil has.

The guitars were nothing special. One thing that always really bothered me is that Whitechapel has an extra guitarist but they still play very weakly compared to bands without that advantage. Like Thy Art is Murder & Despised Icon. This album somewhat like the ethos of that. Not one part jumps out at you or makes you think that the band is really something special instrumentally.

The drums, as in every Whitechapel album, are pretty good. A lot of really good parts in Section 8 and Strength Beyond Strength. The drums are really the only real thing in this album I have no problem with. It seemed like Ben Harclerode was really trying his best to make the drums as good as possible. Maybe it's because he's the newest member of the group so he wasn't in the under-creating, anti-energetic slump the rest of the band seemed to be in when this EP was made.

Of course, I have to talk about the remixes. I always hated remixes. Remixing songs like This Is Exile and Breeding Violence is like taking a priceless piece of art and painting over it. It's really disgusting to see a dub step mix of Breeding Violence. The mix of This Is Exile wasn't as bad, but they really should let songs just be songs. Remixing it just doesn't sound right.

Overall this is a pretty bad album. I gave it a 11/20 simply because the drumming, the fact that Phil is still the best vocalist in the genre. Even without the superb performance. I'm used to from him and the fact it's Whitechapel. If you're a Deathcore fan, Whitechapel has to be on the top 5 of the best bands in the genre for you.

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Review @ miniradman

22 Dezember 2011

Teaser or Troll EP?

From the very moment Whitechapel released their debut album The Somatic Defilement they were destined for greatness. Whitechapel were the ones that I think were the first to give a clear and defined deathcore sound because I didn’t feel that bands such as All Shall Perish and Animosity were as “pure” as Whitechapel was (although they were still deathcore). Over the short time Whitechapel has been around, they have released some awesome deathcore pieces (pieces which are now engraved in deathcore history) and over that time, they’re sound has relatively stayed quite constant. Unless you compared The Somatic Defilement with A New Era of Corruption because then you might see some difference. My thoughts as soon as I hit play on the Recorrupted EP were “oh boy the metamorphosis is happening!”

Before we dive into the exact details on the music, I’ll just tell you what has stayed the same *SPOILER ALERT!*. First are foremost, the vocals still sound very familiar from their earlier works. Now before you start cheering and going and telling your friends “ZOMG, Whitechapel haz a new EP out!” don’t. Why? Because I don’t think that the vocals are the best. Let’s think for a second shall we…What did people like about Phil’s voice in the first place? Was it the high pitched screams, the extremely low guttural or the way he can rap and scream at the same time. I can tell you that there is absolutely no evidence of either of those traits that I witnessed in Recorrupted and to be honest I have a slight feeling that they won’t show up in Whitechapel’s next album (what ever it may be). Sorry to burst the bubble fellas.

Also the guitar sound and tone hasn’t really changed either. But I don’t know if this is what others hear or if I’m just retarded, but I think that the guitars this time round have a slight hardcore edge to them. This doesn’t really change the overall atmosphere that was seen in earlier works and what Whitechapel fans have come to love most, but it does make it sound a little different in neither a positive or negative way. But even for hardcore, it’s not that interesting.

Hang on, hang on… here’s something different *ANOTHER SPOILER ALERT*, there’s a guitar solo in the track Section 8. I don’t remember any decent guitar solos in any of Whitechapel’s earlier albums. I don’t know why they haven’t bothered to put any in though because I think that this solo is definitely the highlight of the EP. Its well constructed, quite melodious but the only problem is that it leaved me hanging, I want more damn it! and I want it now! They kind of remind me of Bullet of My Valentine’s guitar solos in a way. But I know for a fact that having guitar solos doesn’t equal a gold standard music. Take Suicide Silence’s No Time To Bleed as exhibit A.
From what I’ve heard, I think that Whitechapel might take a more hardcore direction to their music and I hope to god that they don’t include too much electronic shit in their music. Although there are three of five tracks that are electro remixes and there is one cover, judging by the only “real” Whitechapel song Section 8, I think they might have a more hardcore direction to their music.

After reading some of the other reviews people have written on this EP, people are really expecting the worst from a new release which might be out very soon. To be perfectly honest, I though that earlier Whitechapel was just a tad plain which is what I think pure deathcore is. Pretty much every track was the same in This Is Exile and The Somatic Defilement with the occasional melodic sections (which I think were the only things that held the music together). After hearing this, I have a feeling that even Whitechapel have decided it’s time for a change. Will hardcore be their new direction? Well, Section 8 says so and I think it will be interesting on how they interweave their current Whitechapel deathcore with this new Whitechapel hardcore. Or maybe everything I’ve mentioned is totally wrong and they’re just going release another deathcore release.

Many other reviewers have been really disappointed with this little “teaser” of an EP (and I think a few might have been trolled). Well, I think that they’re looking at the whole EP the wrong way. Although most of it isn’t really anything new and I agree that its crap, I think that we should only be looking and examining the track Section 8. Mainly because it’s the ONLY real Whitechapel song which isn’t a techno remix, cover or an acoustic track. I think that Whitechapel have done this on purpose to keep what they really have in store for us secret. To be honest though, I’m not that excited for Whitechapel’s new release but I’m just a tad curious on whether or not they go a different direction with their music, stay where they are right now or the reactions of fans if they do officially change direction. I can say one thing though… I sure hope it’s not as bad as Suicide Silence’s Black Crown album and if it is I’ll cry (not really). I’m going to have to give Whitechapel’s Recorrupted EP a 13/20.

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