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Band Name Deranged (SWE)
Album Name Rated X
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum September 1995
Recorded at Berno Studio
Musik GenreBrutal Death
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen54


Re-Relased by Listenable with EP's Architects of Perversion and Sculpture of the Dead as bonustracks.This version omitted track 09 "Sixteen and Dead" on the booklet only.
1. Black Semen Vengeance 04:31
2. Killing Spree 03:03
3. (Clim)axe 05:57
4. Narcissistic Sleighride 03:08
5. Unleash My Hunger 02:48
6. Razor Tongue 04:33
7. I'm the Love Undertaker 03:48
8. ...As a Wolf 03:32
9. Sixteen and Dead 06:36
10. Paint it Black (Rolling Stones Cover) 01:50
Total playing time 39:46

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Deranged (SWE)