Prey for Eyes

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Band Name The Red Chord
Album Name Prey for Eyes
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 24 Juli 2007
Musik GenreDeathcore
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen62


1. Film Critiques and Militia Men 01:04
2. Dread Prevailed (ft. Jonny Davy of Job For A Cowboy) 03:15
3. It Runs in the Family 02:07
4. Send the Death Storm 03:24
5. Prey for Eyes (ft. Jonny Davy of Job For A Cowboy) 04:31
6. Responsibles 03:41
7. Midas Touch 02:37
8. Tread on the Necks of Kings (ft. Nate Newton of Converge) 03:06
9. It Came from Over There (ft. Mirai of Sigh) 04:14
10. Intelligence Has Been Compromised 02:42
11. Open-Eyed Beast Attack 02:36
12. Birdbath 02:24
13. Bone Needle 03:38
14. Seminar 06:16
Bonustracks (European Edition)
15. Antman (Recorded Live at Sounds of the Underground)
16. Blue Line (Recorded Live at Sounds of the Underground)
17. Bread Pants
18. Black Santa (Live at Independence Day, Japan)
19. Ugly (Live at Independence D, Tokyo)
20. Dreaming in Dog Years (Recorded Live at Independence D, Tokyo)
21. Pile Up (Recorded Live at Big Daddy's Tallahassee, Florida)
Total playing time 45:35