My Arms, Your Hearse

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Band Name Opeth
Album Name My Arms, Your Hearse
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 18 August 1998
Produced by Fredrik Nordström
Recorded at Studio Fredman
Musik GenreProgressive Death
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen506


1. Prologue 00:59
2. April Ethereal 08:42
3. When 09:14
4. Madrigal 01:26
5. The Amen Corner 08:44
6. Demon of the Fall 06:13
7. Credence 05:26
8. Karma 07:50
9. Epilogue 04:03
Bonustracks (LP Edition)
10. Circle of the Tyrants (Celtic Frost Cover) 05:12
11. Remember Tomorrow (Iron Maiden Cover) 05:00
Total playing time 1:02:49

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Review @ sargeist

01 Juni 2010
1997. Opeth goes through a hard time. In addition to Mike's personnal problems,Opeth's former bassist and drummer are leaving the band.
Mike is now alone with guitarist Peter Lindgren. They find quite fast a new drummer , the only 18 years old Martin Lopez (ex-Amon Amarth).
Obviously, the recording of the new album is going to be difficult, as Mike being forced to play the bass parts.

The band leaves Dan Swano's Unisound recording studio to record their new "observation" in Fredman Studios. This had a great impact on Opeth's sound, less personnal and we can hear that the basses' presence has quite diminished this time.

The record is 55 minutes long for 9 tracks,those being shorter with an average of 6 to 7 minutes. So, there are less changes of tempo.
The music is still quite complex, but we can hear a sort of redundancy on a few tracks,maybe due to a lack of inspiration. Did Opeth set an "automatic piloting" mode on himself?

Well,this record remains quite superior to the average of the rest of the musical production. Besides,who to compare them with, those guys are so unique?

The contrasts are stronger on this record, the "death metal" parts being quite brutal,and the accoustic parts sound even sweeter. Something rougher appears on this record. Rougher, but less controlled.

A fairly mundane intro, a short instrumental track (Madrigal) ,rather insignificant. But this record contains its plot of magnificient "Opetheries".

"When" is a great "traditionnal Opeth" track, with a superb structure, associating pure brutality with beautiful melodies.

"Credence", a beautiful acoustic ballad in the 70's prog rockers Camel's style, full of emotion.
Again, Mike is doing some incredible vocals.

And this amazing "Epilogue",a nostalgic instrumental full of distress,with a stirring, beautiful lead,accompanied by the legendary sound of a Mellotron.

The rest of the record is good, pleasant to hear, but a bit less outstanding.
As a conclusion, this might be the most "bad" Opeth's album, relatively speaking, considering those guys' obvious talent. Akerfeldt confessed it himself.

On the re-edition of the album, we have two covers.
"Circle of the tyrants" of the reverred Celtic frost. A very customized cover.
And "Remember tomorrow" of Iron Maiden, a track that perfectly suits to Opeth.

The legend goes on, particularly when we know the "bombe like record" that will follow.

Opeth rules.

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