Lost in Life

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Band Name Backtrack
Album Name Lost in Life
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 14 Januar 2014
Musik GenreHardcore
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen8


1. Their Rules
2. Wash Away
3. Lost in Life
4. Under Your Spell
5. Nailed to the Tracks
6. Tortured
7. Rot in Your Race
8. Right This Wrong
9. Play Safe
10. Still Searching
11. Guilty Conscience
12. The Way It Is

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Review @ JadedNCHC

11 März 2014

Hardcore Punk at its finest

Once again Backtrack have released a phenomenal record. Lost in Life has pretty much the same production and tones as Darker Half did. It may sound pretty much the same in some parts of these albums but Darker Half was a hardcore punk classic and I don't think making a similar album is really going to bother anybody. This album is full of punk drumming, 2 step parts, and angsty punk vocals.

This album is pretty much a mosh record. Every song in this album just makes you want to mosh in your living room. The first song off of it "Their Rules" has an extremely catchy chorus with a simple guitar riff that fades in and out of the song but leads into a guitar solo back into the same riff. It is a pretty repetitive song but keeps your attention the whole time, it leads perfectly into the next song which is much slower at first but leads into a nice blast beat.
Most of these songs are you standard punk beat with some blasts and then your obvious mosh parts. It's crazy how simple it is yet they make it sound so good.

Backtrack is one of those bands that no matter what they do it sounds good. Now earlier when I said it's a lot like the first album I didn't necessarily mean all the songs. More so the quality and production are very similar. There are definitely some differences in the albums, for example the song "Under Your Spell" features guest vocals by Turnstile's vocalist which always gives any song a totally different feel because of his unique voice. The main difference I noticed in this record is the fact they don't seem so focused in making every song a crowd kill song and instead they are focusing more on the riffing and song structure because it is clearly a more mature record than the previous.

I gave this album an 18/20 because like always this band never ceases to please me with their music. Everything they do sounds great and you can tell this band knows a thing or two about the music they make. Most bands of this genre aren't as big as most bands in today's metal scene but I have seen the rise of the hardcore scene along with bands like Backtrack, Terror, Turnstile, Suburban Scum, Xibalba, etc.. Give all these bands a listen and support underground punk.

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