Inventor of Evil

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Band Name Destruction
Album Name Inventor of Evil
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 22 August 2005
Labels AFM Records
Musik GenreThrash Metal
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen197


 Soul Collector
 The Defiance Will Remain
 The Alliance of Hellhoundz
 No Mans Land
 The Calm Before the Storm
 The Chosen Ones
 Dealer of Hostility
 Under Surveillance
 Seeds of Hate
 Twist of Fate
 Killing Machine
 Memories of Nothingness

Total playing time: 50:33

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19 November 2009
I've been a fan of Destruction for 22 years. My first album was the Eternal Devestation/Mad Butcher CD. Both of these recordings came together on 1 CD, unlike how they're represented on SOM's discography. I loved this album and I've been hooked on this band ever since. Inventor of Evil is the ninth full length album from this German thrash metal trio.

The advent of thrash metal materialized in North America and Germany in the 80's. When vocalist/bassist Schmier was a kid, he noticed that the metal albums(of the late 70's and early 80's) only contained one fast song. So he wanted to have a metal band that played only fast songs. He was influenced by punk bands, because their songs were all played very fast. He wanted the speed of the punk bands combined with the style of heavy metal.

The picture of the character that is depicted in the album art of The Mad Butcher album, appears again on the album art of this album. Their record company wanted them to start using "the Mad Butcher" as their mascot on the art of their upcoming albums. Like how Megadeth uses their mascot "Vic" on their album art. Or how Iron Maiden uses their mascot, "Eddie", on their album art.

They were more relaxed when they put this album together, although it still jams at full throttle. There wasn't much pressure on them, because they recorded this album before they had signed with a label. So they took more time to record and mix this album, that allowed them to capture a better sound. They also had the luxury of experimenting with the high and low sounds for more variety. So that this album didn't sound too much like their past albums.

I really like this album, because it does have a different sound than their previous albums. Though it still thrashes and shreds with their signature style. Schmiers vocals scream and yell just like the same classic sound of Destruction's vocals. Guitarist Mike Sifriger and bassist Schmier rip and tear with the same intensity of Destructions best albums. They are expert rift shifters. The Guitar playing is very versatile, it shreds melodically, thrashes, whines , and wails. The bass thrashes with so much rhythm that it's capable of making the heads of metal fans bounce along to the sound. They thrash and shred like you would not believe. Metallica, Megadeth, and Slayer have 2 guitarists plus 1 bassist to produce their thrash sound. Compared to the one guitarist and one bassist that Destruction uses, you can hear just how talented Destruction is. Drum player Marc Reign is also a very gifted performer.

The opening song,Soul Collector, thrashes at a lightning speed. Check out the video of this song, it's awesome. The song No Mans Land has some very catchy guitar hooks and thrashes intensely. The song The Calm Before The Storm starts off sounding like their early song, Reject Emotions, but then thrashes with a different melody. Every song on this album kicks ass and don't worry, it doesn't sound exactly the same as their past albums.

The bonus track,The Alliance Of The Hellhoundz, was meant to showcase all of the different styles of metal in one song. The song contains vocals from 10 different vocalists from 10 different subgenres of metal. It includes vocalists from Dimmu Borgir, Hypocrisy, Death Angel, Candlemass, Doro, Saxon, Paul Dianno, and more.

Since Destruction were one of the early pioneers of thrash metal, the bands who are similar to them are more like imitators. They can be compared to Goatwhore or Necronomicon.

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