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Band Name Benighted (FRA)
Album Name Icon
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 15 Oktober 2007
Recorded at Kohlekeller Studio
Musik GenreDeath Grind
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen258


1. Complete Exsanguination 00:26
2. Slut 03:00
3. Grind Wit 03:39
4. Saw It All 03:54
5. Forsaken 03:30
6. Smile Then Bleed 03:38
7. Pledge of Retaliation 03:03
8. Icon 04:18
9. Human Circles 03:49
10. Invoxhate 03:28
11. The Underneath 03:01
12. Blindfolded Centuries 03:21
Total playing time 39:07

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Benighted (FRA)

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Review @ Fabien

28 Oktober 2007
Thanks to the release of the redoubtable Identisick, that allows it to enter the top-list of death grind in France, Benighted signed a precious deal with the Osmose’s team. Now able to export its music abroad, the quintet of Saint-Etienne doesn’t intend to stop its ascension there. So being, it has succeeded with its new album entitled Icon to move its explosive death style to the next level.

Thanks to its creativity, but also thanks to the impressive efficiency of Kevin, its new drummer, Benighted pushes back its limits, in terms of brutality, speed and even melody. Icon is efficient and diversified, containing tracks having each one its own feeling and identity, from the furious “Slut” and its catchy refrain, to the fast and melodic “Saw It All”. Moving easily from trash structures, to death and then grind ones, even adding skilfully some touches of industrial or hip-hop (“Grind Wit”), Icon shows a really surprising equilibrium, divinely highlighted by the heavy and powerful production work of Kohle, from the Kohlekelle Studios.

Icon’s strengths reside also in the alternation of its noisy and staccato parts, with some efficient passages killing everything on their way, as with the crazy acceleration of the eponym song “Icon”. Lastly, on the complex lines of bass and guitars, Julien’s vocals have once more improved, switching brilliantly from the deepest guttural style to even more aggressive screaming.

Without really revolutionize the style, Benighted keeps improving from album to album. Today, its album Icon delivers us a death grind more achieved than ever, which will surely please the numerous fans of Napalm Death, Dying Fetus or Misery Index. After having listened to its devastating death, there is only one question left: will the band ever reach its limits one day?


Translated by Heavyboy

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