Here Comes the Kraken

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Band Name Here Comes The Kraken
Album Name Here Comes the Kraken
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 28 Februar 2009
Musik GenreDeathcore
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen55


Re-issued in 2012 by Concreto Records with a new artwork
1. It's Comming 00:26
2. Don't Fail Me Darko 04:24
3. Into the Slaughter Basement 04:40
4. Confessions of What I've Done 04:00
5. Miss Starving Skeleton 02:40
6. Coplex 00:33
7. Underwater Visions 04:03
8. The Legend of the Rent Is Way Hardcore 05:39
9. From the Deepest Darkness 04:00
10. I Shawtrcwbky 04:59
Total playing time 35:24

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Here Comes The Kraken

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