Hammer of the North

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Band Name Grand Magus
Album Name Hammer of the North
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 18 Juni 2010
Musik GenreDoom Metal
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen135


1. I, the Jury 04:14
2. Hammer of the North 05:13
3. Black Sails 05:07
4. Mountains Be My Throne 03:45
5. Northern Star 04:19
6. The Lord of Lies 06:13
7. At Midnight They'll Get Wise 03:44
8. Bond of Blood 04:43
9. Savage Tales 04:42
10. Ravens Guide Our Way 05:52
Total playing time 47:52

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Review @ Dr.Feelgood

23 Oktober 2010
The last years in heavy metal music there have been many bands which have tried to do great things, but the results have never been satisfied. Among those bands there are some exceptions and one of them is Grand Magous, a band from Sweden which through their last two albums Iron Will and Hammer of the North showed how heavy metal should be played. From their beginning till now they have been tried a lot and they achieved to be a well known band. Their last album Hammer of the North shows that these three guys are so strong together as an iron fist!

Grand Magus are regarded as a doom metal band, but their new album is more epic/heavy than doom. This is something that we saw in their previous album and I believe that is not something that holds them back, but a motive for them to be stronger than they are. The first song ''I the jury'' is a song which grasps you at once by its riff and the most shuddered part of the song is JB's scream in 2.50. About its solo I do not think that is important to express my opinion, just listen to it!!

All the songs in this album have excellent riffs and solos, even though some are big or small in last. It is really important that all the songs are not big and they do not reach more than six minutes in last. Apart from the first song some others which are stuck in mind by the first listening are ''Mountains be my throne'', ''Northern star'' and ''The lord of lies''. The last one has many clues from Rainbow when Dio was on vocals. I must say that the song with the best intro-riff is ''Savage tales'', but it is not as perfect as the previous. The album is ended by the song ''Ravens guide our way'', a super song for a super album in which JB gives everything he has and his interpretation is so warm!!

It is obvious that Grand Magus did not have only the affect of Rainbow, but also the affects of Judas Priest and of early Manowar. JB has the ability to sing like Rob Halford and to avoid from being his clone. By this album and the previous one JB proves that he sings better now than the time he was in Spiritual Beggars. Sebastian and Fox are the best musicians that JB has ever had by his side and something last. When winter has come and you are freezing, this album will be your best company for these cold moments, it may seems cold by the cover and the song titles but it's so warm that you can not resist!!

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