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Band Name Dio (USA)
Album Name Grandstand
Type Bootleg
Erscheinungsdatum 31 August 1985
Labels Golden Stars
Musik GenreHeavy Metal
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen3


Recorded live at the Central National Exhibition Grandstand, Toronto, Canada, 31/08/1985
1. Intro / King of Rock 'n' Roll
2. Like the Beat of the Heart
3. Don't Talk to Strangers
4. Hungry for Heaven
5. The Last in Line
6. Drums Solo
7. Heaven and Hell
8. Guitar Solo
9. Sacred Heart
10. Stand Up and Shout
11. Medley (Long Live Rock 'n' Roll / Man on the Silver Mountain / Rock 'n' Roll Children / Man on the Silver Mountain (Rainbow Cover) / Rock 'n' Roll Children (Part 2))
12. Rainbow in the Dark

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